Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 608

The dropping of the pearls on the jade container made a clear, soothing sound.

But to Ning Xi, they sounded as if they were voices straight from hell.

Ning Xi took a deep breath and faced him face on, unable to keep herself calm, so she tried to play it cool. "Its been a long time indeed. First Senior Brother, why are you here?"

For some reason, Tang Yes face darkened upon hearing Ning Xis question.

Ning Xi was even more convicted of her prediction after she saw Tang Yes expression change.

After a short silence, Tang Ye said slowly, "S class mission."

Ning Xis face went pale.

As she had expectedShe probably would not live past that day

Had it been a year ago, it would not matter. Even if she was surrounded by a bunch of girls and she had to die in the next second, she would have regretted nothing.

But now, she had her dreams, her career, her friends, Little Treasure, and also...Lu Tingxiao

Dying was definitely not on her to-do list. Not anytime soon. Particularly when she thought about Little Treasure who was waiting for her at home, her desire to live grew even stronger.

"First Senior Brother, are you really doing this to me, to someone of the same clan?" Ning Xi tried to convince him.

Tang Yes eyebrows shot up as he remained silent and raised his hand.

Just as Ning Xi was going through that nerve-wrecking moment, two men came down from the helicopter upon Tang Ye's signal.

Ning Xi frowned. What was happening?

Did that beast overestimate her? Did he send not just First Senior Brother here, but even helpers to finish someone like her?

Sweat broke out all over Ning Xis forehead. She knew that it was useless to try convincing him anymore, so she started formulating a plan.

At such a long distance, her chances of failing were high but she still had to try. As Tang Ye turned around to look at the two men, Ning Xi swiftly bolted towards the exit.

Before she could extend her legs into her third step, she felt something fall over her and then tighten around her waist. She looked down to see a noose tied around her and before she knew it, she was yanked back to where she stood before. She rolled onto the floor and they soon bound her up in rope.

First Senior Brother was really getting better at tying people up!

At the same time on the lower floor, Lu Tingxiao saw a bound Ning Xi from the monitor screen, his finger anxiously hovering over the button of his communication device, preparing to issue the order anytime.

Lu Jingli ground his teeth in heightened nervousness. This guy on the rooftop was extremely bad news! Despite wearing a pair of glasses and looking so dapper, he had cruel intentions!

Ning Xi looked at Tang Ye who was holding the rope that bound her. "First Senior Brother, arent you overestimating me? Surely all of this is wasting too much resources to send you just to deal with someone like me!"

Tang Ye did not say anything and looked at her with a terrifying gaze.

The two man beside him each held a long rectangular box and a palm-sized box.

Tang Ye pushed up his sleeves and opened the boxes to check their contents.

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