Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 612

"How did he suddenly go missing?" Ning Xi frowned.

No wonder First Senior Brother was so desperate for a fight, even when she was clearly lacking training and would be no challenge to defeat at all.

"But knowing Second Senior Brother, wasnt it normal for him to go missing for a few days? Its not unusual for him to not show up for a few weeks," Ning Xi told Tang Ye.

In the organization, she was the closest person to Second Senior Brother. He always brought her around to do crazy things like extreme sports.

Him not behaving wildly would be odd!

At that point, she felt that her master was indeed very wise. When he adopted Second Senior Brother, he had christened him Tang Lang [1]...fitting indeed

"Half a year," Tang Ye replied her.

"What?! Half a year? That long?" Ning Xi was startled. "Hmm, that does seem a little too long...was there no news about him in these past few months?"


Tang Ye was about to ask Ning Xi if she had been contacting Tang Lang, but from her reaction, he knew she had not.

"Could it be that something has happened to him?" Ning Xi mumbled worriedly.

Tang Lang was an arrogant fellow and loved to cause trouble everywhere. He was not lacking in enemies and probably would bump into one even if he just left his house to dispose of his trash. Even a random dog on the sidewalk would have probably been victimized by him before.

"He had better stay dead outside," Tang Ye said coldly.

Ning Xi glanced at Tang Ye, not believing his cruel facade for a second. "Youre the one wholl miss him the most"

A while ago, in a black car on the ground floor.

Lu Tingxiaos face remained unchanged, all emotions sealed within him.

"Bro...are you alright?" Lu Jingli asked anxiously.

He seriously thought about finding someone to help his brother fend off these romantic rivals

Lu Tingxiao was looking at the bright screen and instructed, "Jingli, please standby outside."

"Why? I dont want to! Youre hiding something from me!" Lu Jingli frowned, acting petulantly like a child.

Lu Tingxiao looked at his brother sharply. "Be good."

Lu Jingli was intimidated by his brothers simple words and alighted from the car but he looked back at his brother with unease the moment he left the car

Lu Tingxiao made a phone call after Lu Jingli left.

A lazy voice drawled, "Hello..."

"Do it now."

No words were spoken for a while, then a whine came through, "Boss, its already quite a rush if I were to follow the timing we decided on earlier and you want me to do it now? Its really tough on me. Youve been torturing me lately"

"Tang Ye isnt there," Lu Tingxiao said.

Another short silence ensued before he answered, this time in a confident tone, "Its impossible for Tang Ye to leave."

Lu Tingxiao turned on the video call and showed the other person the screen.

On the screen, Tang Ye was kneeling on one knee in front of Ning Xi with a bouquet of roses in his hands

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