Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 613

After he saw the screen, the man was stunned. "What the f*ck? Whats wrong with Tang Ye? Has he gone mad? Damn him, hes flirting with girls behind my back!"

"Based on my calculations, you have six hours for him to travel back," Lu Tingxiao reminded him and was about to turn off the video but the man quickly stopped him. "Wait! Hmm...this girl looks familiar...why does she look like my Little Junior Sister? She really does look like her! Little Junior Sister in a girls outfit?! Boss, please give me a high definition version for better clarity!"

All of a sudden, Lu Tingxiao ended the call without hesitation.

Lu Tingxiao continued staring at the screen. The shot was taken from a distance, so there was no audio. He did not know what their conversation was about but from Ning Xis expression, she seemed to have rejected him.

The two of them had suddenly fought in combat with each other and then came down to a discussion

In the end, Tang Ye told Ning Xi, "If he contacts you, let me know immediately."

It really was true love between them

"Okay." Ning Xi nodded, then asked, "But how do I contact you? I cant call or message your number!"

"Ill give you permission to, but only a message a day."

Ning Xi was speechless. This guy was even harder to contact than the emperor.

Tang Ye raised his hand and the helicopter behind him started whirring to life.

Ning Xi held her skirt down as the wind churned all around her.

Tang Ye stood there and stared at her as if he was examining an exotic creature.

Ning Xi was confused, "First Senior Brother, whats wrong?"

"Little Junior Sister, are you really a woman?" Tang Ye looked at her like one of the world's wonders.

Ning Xis face darkened like the bottom of a burnt pot and ground out between her clenched teeth, "Dont you think your sentence doesn't make sense? How can your Little Junior Sister be a man?"

The girl in front of him donned a pink dress, with silky long hair whipping in the air, looking extremely feminine and surprisingly attractive.

If he had not seen her picture in a female outfit before, he could not have possibly recognized her as Tang Xi finally announced, "Im leaving."

However, before he stepped away, he turned around. "Cant you think about it?"

He felt he should do more since it was an S class mission after all.

Ning Xi was wondering what he was going to say and did not expect this attempt of his. "No, thanks, I would like to stay alive longer!"

Tang Ye nodded, agreeing with her point.

Ning Xi was relieved to see Tang Ye finally leaving but Tang Ye spoke further, "Satan asked me to tell you something."

Ning Xi raised an eyebrow coolly. "What?"

"Ill meet you at our old meeting spot a month later in Philadelphia." Tang Ye then boarded the helicopter without waiting for Ning Xis response.

The helicopter rose slowly and the wind picked up. Ning Xi looked glumly at the departing helicopter.

Damn it! She thought she could get away with this! There was more to it

How long was she going to suffer from this?

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