Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 614

After Tang Ye left, Ning Xi felt pressured for a whole month as if she was just diagnosed with cancer by the doctor and was counting down the days till the Grim Reaper came for her.

Meeting Tang Ye and meeting that person directly were two completely different matters altogether. There were many unpredictable events on this journey. And she had to go.

Ning Xi passed the days by bringing Little Treasure to different places and having fun. She put all her effort into Spirit Studio and the promotion for "The World". She also made sure to spend some time with her grandfather.

The post-processing for "The World" was complete and she now had to travel to various cities to promote the movie. Everyone with experience would know that promoting was much more exhausting than acting itself.

Ning Xueluo and Zhao Sizhou were both busy and they only went to a few main cities to promote it but Ning Xi had to follow the crew and travel everywhere. In between promoting, she spent some of her precious time discussing with Gong Shangze about the upcoming Golden Award Competition.

She was not keen on preparing herself for her new acting gig yet as she was afraid that she might not be able to come back

She wished that she could have more time to spare, even skimping on her sleep to four to five hours everyday.

She simply had too much to do in this short one month

When Ning Xi just finished one of her road shows, she received a call from Lu Jingli.

"Xiao Xi Xi, why couldnt I reach you?" Lu Jingli asked urgently.

"I was on the plane just now. Whats up? You have 10 seconds!" Ning Xi said coldly.

"Xiao Xi Xi, are you possessed by my brother? Why are you talking like him?" Lu Jingli asked.

"You have seven more seconds!"

Lu Jingli was speechless.

"Five more seconds."

"Please help me, Bro Xi! I know youve been really busy recently, but I wouldnt call you if its not urgent!" Lu Jingli quickly blurted out.

"What happened?" Ning Xi asked.

"My brother went on a rampage!" Lu Jingli groaned.

"What do you mean?" Ning Xi frowned.

"Actually, this happened half a month ago. He has been acting weird ever since you went to Fahua Temple and convinced Xi Shiqing to turn away from monkhood!"

"Fahua Temple?" Ning Xi had been so overwhelmed with her last few weeks on Earth and she almost forgot about the entire incident. In fact, she felt like it happened eons ago.

"Yes! And Im sorry, Bro Xi, there...theres been something Ive hidden from you" Lu Jingli stuttered.

"What is it? Tell me quickly! Im on my way to the studio to have some discussion with Gong Shangze. It's the Golden Award Competition tomorrow!" Ning Xi pressed him.

"My brother found out about what you did to Xi Shiqing in the temple!" Lu Jingli divulged swiftly.

Ning Xi was speechless.

Then, she roared into her phone, "Why would your brother know about it?! Lu Jingli!"


"Did you rat me out? You told him, didnt you?" Ning Xi would strangle him to death across the line if she could.

Lu Jingli quickly explained, "I was going to check on the situation, but he figured it out himself that youd seduce Xi Shiqing, so I could only tell him the truth! In the end...tragedy broke out! My brother has been in hell mode since that day! Not only that, theres one more thing"

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