Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 615

Ning Xi put her hand to her forehead and clenched her teeth. "Lu Jingli, you idiot! Couldnt you just have denied it?"

She took a deep breath and calmed herself down. "What else?"

"That midnight, at the top floor of the Regal Riveria Hotel, my brother saw someone proposing to you"

Ning Xi clamped her lips tightly together, not wanting to say anything. Could there possibly be anyone unluckier than her? This was one of her worst moments ever in her life! Everything was falling out of place! Murphy sure was going all out on her with his stupid law.

"Bro Xi, only you can do this, I can only rely on you now!" Lu Jingli begged.

"Theres no use! What can I do?" Ning Xi said exasperatedly, flailing her hand into the air.

"Please help, Bro Xi, my brother is acting really weird lately. I hope that you can at least talk to him. I really wanted to share his burden but hes not telling me anything" Lu Jingli sounded disappointed.

Although Lu Tingxiao always looked cold, he was a really kind and caring person beneath that steely exterior. As his only brother, he had always been protected safely under Lu Tingxiao. Despite being strict with him, he would never let him be involved in anything dangerous.

Behind Lu Corporations achievements lies the abyss, and Lu Tingxiao was the one who handled it, and what Lu Jingli faced was just the glory

At the airport, Ning Xi inhaled deeply and looked at the time on her phone. She asked while flagging down a taxi, "Wheres your brother now?"

Lu Jingli quickly replied, "In the office! Little Treasures here too!"

"Got it, Ill be there in half an hour." Ning Xi sent Gong Shangze a message to let him know that she would be late, then she hopped into a taxi and went on her way to the Lu Corporation.

It was about half a month since she last saw Lu Tingxiao. If she only had a month left to live, what she wanted most, of course, would be to spend those precious moments with the person she loved

But she had too much to be done and she did not dare to face Lu Tingxiao because she was afraid that she might not be able to control herself.

The share prices of the Lu Corporation had been rocketing and major achievements of the company were announced one after another, so she thought that Lu Tingxiao was doing well

At the office, Ning Xi looked at the employees and saw everyone had dark circles under their eyes, looking as if they had just crawled out from the grave. Those achievements that were strewn across the business news surely came at a high price

Lu Jingli quickly pulled her to a corner when he saw her. "Bro Xi, have you got a plan?"

Ning Xi looked at him expressionlessly. "No!"

Lu Jinglis face went pale and he mumbled, "Void as the world, the world as void...I should go and become a monk as well...then, I can go to the heavens instead of to hell"

Ning Xi glared at him and stomped on his shoe. "Go and get me a bottle of wine!"

What a troublemaker!

Lu Jinglis eyes shone. "Have you got a solution now?"

Ning Xi massaged her arms which were stiff from the long period of sitting on the plane. "Quickly!"

"Alright, just a moment!"

Lu Jingli came back with a bottle of wine. "Bro Xi, the wine is here!"

Ning Xi took it over from Lu Jingli, opened it and to his horror, poured it all over herself. Then, she drank a little and handed the bottle to him.

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