Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 619

"Look." Lu Tingxiao handed the document to her.

"What is this?" Ning Xi took it suspiciously. "Hmm, working policy? Number one: No working more than six hours a day? Uh, isnt that too little? According to the law, the maximum is eight working hours!"

As she mumbled, Lu Tingxiao gave her a cold stare, so Ning Xi shut up and continued, "Number two: No overdrinking. Number three: Eat three meals a day. Number four"

Finally, Ning Xi came to the last one. "Number ten: No bribing the boss? Huh?"

"Memorize them."


Under Lu Tingxiaos supervision, only after she had memorized all ten of his commandments did he let her leave.

She was chased out as if he was afraid that she might jump him again

Was she that terrifying?

What she did was not completely an act. The effects from Lu Jinglis wine was pretty strong.

Was the devil not concerned about her seducing Xi Shiqing? She was trying to make it up to him and make him feel better but things escalated so quickly and went way out of her hands, and in the end

Ning Xi felt better though as if she had taken some magical potion. She felt relieved from all her fatigue and stress, and even her steps became lighter. Come to think about it, it seemed like Lu Tingxiao had comforted her instead of the other way round.

She had given herself too much pressure. Things were not as bad as she had thought. If the person wanted to do something against her, he had had many chances earlier. He could have even wiped her out during Tang Ye's last visit.

From her one year of absence, she knew that she was just an unimportant character. She vowed to settle it this time at the meeting.

However, it would remind her of her old pathetic self by going there alone. It was not that she could not face Tang Ye or that person...it was her old self that she did not want to face

On the way to the studio, Ning Xi was about to call Gong Shangze when a call came in.

Lu Jinglis excited voice came through, "Bro Xi, Bro Xi, Bro Xi, Bro Xi!"

"Are you a broken CD player?"

"My brother has returned to normal! Did you guys do it?" Lu Jingli sniggered. He could only think of that possibility!

Ning Xis nostrils flared as she scolded him, "Stop imagining things. Do you think your brother would act that fast?"

Lu Jingli had no words to reply. He would not have thought about it since Ning Xi had said it would take just 10 minutes but in the end, Ning Xi had stayed in there for over two hours!

Two hours was not short! However, it seemed like an eternity for his brother who had been holding in for so long!

"Speaking of which, what kind of wine did you give me?"

"It was an expensive one! It's known as the one-shot-down!" Lu Jingli told her excitedly.

"What are you trying to do by giving me a whole bottle of that?"

"I thought youd give it to my brother and seduce him, so of course, I got you the best! Who'd have known that you would only drink a little and pour the rest all over yourself?!"

Hmm...he was not wrong. She really did seduce him but not with the wine, you idiot...

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