Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 628

"10 points! Our final contestants score...is a full 10 points! Oh my God! It really is 10 points! This is amazing! Even our strictest judge, Teacher Qu, gave full marks! This is unexpected! A dark horse has appeared at the end of our competition!" The host was really excited.

Han Momo screamed from her seat and hugged Gong Shangze tightly. "10 points! Its 10 points! Wow! This is unbelievable! Director Gong, youre really amazing! Im going to be a die-hard fan of yours from now on!"

Ning Xi gave Gong Shangze a pat on his shoulder, beaming impressed. "My baby Ze is awesome!"

"After numerous rounds of fierce competition, our Golden Award winner has emerged. Now, wed like to invite our last contestant, Mr. X, to come up to the stage and receive the prize! Thats right, this contestant used an anonymous name to enter and Im really curious who this mysterious contestant is!" The host was very experienced at stirring up the crowd and already started creating a hot topic for everyone to gossip about.

Everyone at the scene started to return to their senses.

"Wow! Whats happening?"

"Whos X? Where did he come from?"

"Who knows, the screen only says 'the design director from Spirit Studio' and nothing else, not even his real name!"

"Spirit Studio? Whos the owner? Ive never heard of it before!"

The competition allowed anonymous entries and many people used pseudonyms as well.

Ning Xi did not really delve further into it when Gong Shangze mentioned that he wanted to use a pseudonym for his entry. She let him decide, thinking that he probably wanted to only announce himself after he became successful which was understandable.

"X" Han Momo thought for a while, then she realized in excitement. "Wow! X! Sis Xi, its your initial, isn't it?"

"Huh? My initial?" Ning Xi did not think about it at all.

"Mm hmm." Gong Shangze nodded shyly.

"Oh dear, my little baby is such a sweetheart!" Ning Xi was genuinely touched.

The moment the score was up, David stood up with his mouth quirking in fury, his veins visibly bulging out on his forehead.

He was staring straight at the six dresses and as he zoomed into the tiny details on the dresses carefully, his eyes were filled with fear.

These designs were so familiar...especially how the details were handled


Could it be

No! Impossible!

Gong Shangze knew nothing aside from design, so he could not have possibly survived by himself. He did not even have a penny on him when he left. He was probably chased out by the landlord and begging on the streets by now, so how could he be back here participating in the Golden Award?

Plus, he was a design major and would never do something as shady as this.

"How could it be?! David lost!" Li Yueling exclaimed in shock.

"It was just some outlandish work!" David clenched his teeth in irate anger.

Ning Xueluo did not care about the designs at all. She was only concerned about the results. She was embarrassed and glared at David coldly. "Didnt you say there wouldnt be any problems? How could you lose to a nobody?"

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