Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 638

The leader was impatient. Since he thought she had no means of attacking now, he signaled for his men to grab her.

As they moved, three gunshots were fired. Bang, bang, bang!

Three men went down in just a second!

The leader looked at his men, his expression turning pale.

He saw Ning Xi was holding a gun with smoke coming out of it and she was now aiming at his head.

"You...didnt you throw your gun away" The man looked at the gun on the floor in disbelief. It was still lying there.

Ning Xi rolled her eyes like she was looking at an idiot. "Who told you I only had one gun?"

She had bought two!

The leader was infuriated and cursed, "F*CK! You cunning Asian!"

"Youre just too stupid," Ning Xi sneered at him, "Who do you think is faster, you or I?"

The mans hand was trembling and sweat started to fall from his brow.

He would not have been afraid if she was an average woman, but now he knew that this was Tang Xi!

Rumour had it that she had the best gunmanship among the people around Satan

She took advantage of the stress the man was going through and fired a shot when she had the chance. Bang!

The man reacted swiftly. He avoided his vitals being shot at and was hit on his shoulder instead, his gun clattering onto the floor.

That was good enough for her to escape. She did not want to stay there any longer and just wanted to leave.

Suddenly, there was the sound of many footsteps pattering.

Dozens and dozens of armed men surrounded her.

The leader who was shot was smugly grinning at ease now as he respectfully walked towards a blond man with blue eyes and addressed, "Boss!"

The blue-eyed man looked like the leader of everyone here. He expressionlessly glanced at the three bodies and his injured henchman.

The man had fair skin and a tall nose, blue eyes and long blonde hair, but his ears looked a little weird

A breeze blew and Ning Xi saw it clearly. The man had no ears

The man then looked at the helpless Ning Xi, giving her a creepy look. He used a tone matching his twisted expression and taunted, "Run, why dont you continue running? Dont you Chinese have a saying? You dont follow the path to the heavens, yet you barge into the doorless hell!"

Ning Xi cursed at herself while looking at all the men around her.

What was wrong with them? Did they prepare these many men just to catch her? Did they think that they were fighting a mob boss or something?

Philadelphia was their old spot, but their main forces were moved to some other city. It seemed like this place was now controlled by this blond man with blue eyes.

She was now like a rat in a trap with no means to escape.

What could she do?

As she was thinking, the blond man advanced towards her slowly and looked at her suggestively. "So, youre Satans woman?"

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