Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 644

Several helicopters circled above their heads and in less than a second, Tang Ye swiftly swooped down, dressed in black.

"Goddamn it, Tang Ye!"

Augustine could not help but curse out loud. He never would have thought that Tang Ye would personally come!

Before Augustine could complete his cursing, the person who trailed behind Tang Ye was actually...Feng Xiaoxiao!

Both Augustine and the head of the police beside him started to tremble. The latter already knew that Satan was not one to mess with, and indeed, tonight would confirm the rumours.

Military tanks, helicopters...he practically had a completely organized army! What sort of force was this?

Throw Tang Ye and Feng Xiaoxiao into the equation - which one of them weren't intimidating figures?!

And now, all these people had unexpectedly appeared together!

The person Augustine had caught...who was she really?

Very quickly, the military tanks moved aside and an unmarked silver car drove over.

This little car looked vintage and seemed to be of the classic make. The car also had layers of dust on it and it looked very dirty. For it to drive into such a battleground, it looked very odd.

Under everyone's watchful gazes, Tang Ye walked to the grey car and personally opened the door while Feng Jin, Feng Xiaoxiao and everyone else waited respectfully beside the car.

Just as everyone was confused by the odd appearance of the car, a man emerged out of the run-down car.

They could see a man with silver-colored hair that seemed to float with a life of its own in the night air. He had a slightly long fringe that covered one of his eyes, while the other eye was a light brown pool which revealed strands of hostility.

Ning Xi seemed to involuntarily cringe when she saw the silver-colored hair man not too far away from her. She looked absentminded, thinking she was experiencing hallucinations...

Unexpectedly, it was...how could it be?

"S...Satan!!!" The moment he saw the man, Augustine's face had turned sallow as if he had seen a ghost.

Very few people had personally seen Satan, but they recognized his signature silver hair...

Augustine thought to himself, "Insanity! They are all insane!"

Blowing everyone's expectations out of the water, Satan had dared to leave the straits for Philadelphia and even mobilized such a huge force and created such a ruckus just for a woman! Even if this man held the title as "The King of the Night", he was being a little too arrogant, digging his own grave!

"Satan, what...what are you trying to do? Don't you forget who I am!" Augustine looked terrified as if Lucifer himself had appeared in front of him. As the man slowly walked towards him, cold sweat ran down his forehead like a waterfall and he shouted at his men furiously, "Shoot! Shoot! Shoot him to death!"

Nevertheless, facing the dark crowd, the silver-haired man acted as if he had entered no man's land. His dull eyes were empty; there was nothing in them and nothing he cared for.

As for Augustine, the instant the silver-haired man had appeared, his men had already started to retreat. Even though they held heavy artillery in their hands, the guns did not have any detrimental effect on them because they did not even dare to let their gaze linger on him, much less shoot him.

Suddenly, the entire place turned defensive.

They had no doubt that in the next second, this man would destroy Augustine to ashes.

However, what everyone did not expect was for the silver-haired man to walk past him with a poker face as if he did not see Augustine. He walked straight to the girl behind him.

He stood still, then slowly put his chin on the girl's shoulder while putting his arms around her waist from behind. He spoke in the most flighty manner, "Miss me, my dear?"

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