Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 646

The instant her wig was taken off, Ning Xi's jet black hair cascaded down like a waterfall and paired with her pale face the size of a palm, it was clear that she had the type of beauty that moved one's heart and soul.

"Us...?" When Ning Xi heard this, there was a flash of panic in her eyes. She could not help feeling like she had fallen into a trap. Her voice raised by an octave, "What does this have to do with me?! I'm not going! I came over to explain to you that we are over. From now onwards, you can walk your sunshine path while I cross my lonely bridge. Please stop interfering in my personal matters!"

The man looked at her endearingly like he wanted to guffaw. "Hah, over? My dear, you're mine. How can we possibly be over?"

Ning Xi could feel her adrenaline spike in the midst of her anger. "Your head! Yours?!"

"Oh? If you're not mine, then whose are you? Lu Tingxiao's?" The air around the man instantly turned heavy with a looming threat.

"I'm no one's! Can't I be my own person?"

The man was obviously not persuaded by these words. Instead, he twirled her hair and said in a dangerous tone, "My dear, I can let you out to play, but such freedom does not include you cheating on me, so now, I'm taking your freedom back."

"Cheat? The both of us aren't in a relationship. Do you even know what it's like to be in love?"

"As a matter of fact, I don't. Will you teach me?"

"I'll teach your sister!"

"I don't have a sister."

Ning Xi was speechless. She decided to shut up and conserve her energy instead. She leaned against the car window and looked out into the dark night, hopelessness abound in her eyes.

If she left with him now, it was possible that she would never be able to return again...


In Washington D.C., at the hotel.

Last night, the drama crew had partied throughout the night. All of them had slept till noon before even stirring.

When the crew was having lunch together, they suddenly realized someone was missing.

"Eh? Why didn't Ning Xi come? Has she eaten?"

"I don't know. Call her to ask!"

Jiang Muye took out his phone to call Ning Xi, but he could not get through. He frowned. "Her phone is switched off."

"She didn't follow us out to the bar last night, did she? There's no way she hasn't woken up by now," the scriptwriter, Ye Linglong, thought out loud.

Jiang Muye got up and declared, "I'll go upstairs to take a look."

When Jiang Muye reached Ning Xi's room upstairs, he rang the doorbell for a long time, but there was no response.

"What's her deal? She didn't go out with us. Could she have gone out to party by herself? Where's the loyalty?!"

Jiang Muye was upset by his deduction, so he just shrugged and went down to continue eating.

After lunch, seeing that the time for their return flight was increasingly near and Ning Xi was still nowhere to be found, Jiang Muye, who was initially upset, started to feel that something was not right.

Even though Ning Xi could be quite a hardcore when it came to partying, she would definitely not hold up official matters and especially not when it came to work.

How possible was it for her to have partied so hard and not return?

"What's wrong? Still can't reach Ning Xi?" Guo Qisheng walked over to ask.

"No, she's uncontactable." Jiang Muye looked at his phone absentmindedly.

Guo Qisheng looked at the time on his watch and said, "If we don't go to the airport now, we won't make it."

Jiang Muye was not planning to move. He said, "You guys go first, I'll wait for her here."

Guo Qisheng frowned. "I'll wait too! Let the others go first."

After all, he was the one leading the team this time and he had to be responsible for all the members of the group.

With that, the other drama crew members flew back home first, while Guo Qisheng and Jiang Muye both stayed to wait for Ning Xi.

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