Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 652

Two American military fighter jets and five American war tanks suddenly appeared in Philadelphia, leaving Augustine and his men in shock. At that moment, Augustines hatred towards Satan and Tang Ye was forgotten instantly.

A few dozen trucks soon appeared with fierce-looking armed squads.

Soon, a white military truck stopped in front of Augustine.

The door opened and a man in camo gear alighted, his stripes indicating that he was a Captain.

"Stay right there!" the Captain roared at Augustine and his men.

The next second, hundreds of armed soldiers aimed their gun at Augustine. Augustine was sweating profusely. This was the official military of America!

Augustine was still hoping that Satan would be their target as his gang might not be as influential as Satan.

"Right, it must be Satan they are after!" Augustine reaffirmed his own thoughts, confident that the official military to counter him could have only summoned someone at Satan's level.

"Whats your name?" a soldier closed in on Augustine and shouted at him while pointing a rifle dangerously.

"Augustine Cavendish!" Augustines forehead was slick with sweat as he reported his full name nervously.

"Bastard!" the soldier yelled and smashed his rifle into Augustines face.

Augustine fell hard onto the floor from the impact and his men did not dare to do anything. All 20 of them did not move an inch even upon seeing Augustine attacked.

"Hand me the people!"

There was the sound of a bullet being loaded and a gun was aimed at Augustine's face, ready to be fired any moment. "What...who? What people?" Augustine stammered in confusion from the rifle butt and was even more confused when he was asked to hand over some people. He did not know what they were talking about.

"You bastard, Ill kill you right here!" The soldier raised his foot and stomped on Augustines torso, causing Augustine to almost pass out from the heavy impact.

"Mr. Lu, is this him?"

A car door opened and Lu Tingxiao came out.

Lu Tingxiao nodded. He had looked at the CCTV and confirmed that this man was Augustine. However, seeing Augustine and his men butt naked in Philadelphia, with the dark congealed blood stains smeared on the bottom half of Augustine's body, something must have happened...and Ning Xi was clearly not with him right now.

"Wheres my wife?" Lu Tingxiao stopped the soldiers barrage with a hand as he squatted down and looked at him coldly.

"Your...wife? Whos your wife?" Augustine backed off, scuttling on his backside and hands. The terrifying aura from the man was scaring him.

"Ning Xi, the woman you took in the morning. You even shot her in the leg." Although Lu Tingxiao tried to sound calm, his cold gaze made Augustine shiver.

"Ning Xi...I...I dont know her, did you get the wrong person?"

Augustine was petrified. Who exactly was this woman?

First, there was Satan and now the American military was here. Furthermore, seeing how the Captain was treating this man respectfully, could he possibly be a Major or maybe a Colonel?!

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