Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 657

"Obviously! I look even prettier in female clothes! Second Senior Brother, where did you disappear to? Big Senior Brother said he hasn't seen you for over half a year! And you haven't contacted me either!" Ning Xi lamented.

Tang Lang looked at her with his eyebrows raised and said, "Touche!"

The both of them reminisced for a long while until Tang Ye interrupted, "Tang Lang."

Tang Ye called out for the man's name without any expression on his face, only his eyes questioning silently.

"Aha! Senior Brother, long time no see! Did you miss me?" Tang Lang flung his arm over Tang Ye's shoulders and leaned against him carelessly.

Tang Ye pushed him away with one hand roughly and said, "Master has been looking for you."

Tang Lang insistently leaned on him again. "Only Master? What about you?"

On the side, Ning Xi covered her eyes and said, "Aiyo, aiyo...I can't look anymore! There are children here! Our nation's flowers are about to be terribly influenced by you two!"

Tang Lang hit her lightly on the head and said, "You're the flower? The Flower Overlord?"

"Pfft! I'm a little white flower!" She was already in such misery. Wasn't she a tragic little white flower now!

When Tang Lang heard that, it was like he had heard the funniest joke in the world as he held his tummy and burst into laughter. "You...little white flower...? Hahahahaha..."

Ning Xi was angry now, "Hey! Why can't I be a little white flower? Do you have to laugh this hard?"

"Hahahaha..." Tang Lang held onto his tummy and laughed so hard he could not say anything.

Ning Xi did not notice how but all she saw was that while Tang Lang was still laughing hard, his arm suddenly moved to the back of Tang Ye's neck and injected a clear liquid into the man...

Tang Ye did not even have the time to react before he fell over.

"Oh my God! Second Senior Brother! What...what are you doing? Why did you attack Big Senior Brother?" Ning Xi was shocked.

"You lil dummy! Obviously to save you!" Tang Lang exclaimed as he carried Tang Ye's limp body and carefully put him by the roadside.

Ning Xi was still stunned, "Save...me?"

"No time for explanations. Just come with me quickly!"

Tang Lang rushed as he quickly helped Ning Xi to the car, then got into the driver's seat.

The moment Tang Lang got in, he was bewildered. "My God! Why did Satan get this outdated vintage car? How do I drive this junk?"

"I know how to! But my leg is hurt. I can't move it!"

"Quickly teach me!"

"Okay, okay, let me teach you..."

While the two were still getting the hang of driving the car, an arm suddenly slotted in from the car window and gripped onto Tang Lang who was in the driver's seat, hauling him out of the car through the window.

Tang Ye, who had been unconscious, was standing by the car shakily and holding onto Tang Lang's shirt while looking scary.

"Tang Lang!"

Tang Lang escaped by turning around and out of his coat before he looked at the man in disbelief. "Jesus! Tang Ye, you psycho! I've already used double the amount. How are you awake so soon?"

Tang Ye looked at him like a statue, his jet black eyes as sharp as daggers. "Explain."

Tang Lang frowned, his tone slightly annoyed. "I have nothing to explain. The truth is as what you see."

Tang Ye gritted his teeth. "You betrayed the organization."

Tang Lang scoffed and looked around, his mouth curved into a smile. "Huh, yeah, I did. What about it? Do you want to wipe me out?"

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