Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 658

Looking at his opponents indifferent attitude, Tang Ye held his fist tight, to the point his finger joints cracked. Hidden behind his glasses were his rage and pain, "You"

Looking at Tang Yes hurtful eyes, Tang Lang avoided eye contact and closed his eyes, "Senior Brother, lets have a match, the one who wins will take Little Junior Sister away, how does that sound?"

After a short moment of silence, Tang Ye replied coolly, "Sure."

Ning Xi was totally confused about the current situation.

What...what was happening?

Did Second Senior Brother betray the organization? Who was he working for now?

It seemed like he was trying to knock out First Senior Brother to save her

Could he possibly be working for the devil now?


This did not make sense! How could Second Senior Brother be related to the devil?

But currently, this was the only explanation. Otherwise, Second Senior Brother would not have appeared here and dared to oppose Satan to try to rescue her.

While Ning Xi was still figuring things out, both of them were at each other's throats. Unfortunately, Tang Lang could not go on the offensive; there was no opening.

The small ray of hope in Ning Xis heart suddenly diminished and she yelled at him, "Second Senior Brother, can you or can't you do it?!"

Tang Lang clenched his teeth while trying to fend off Tang Yes crazy attacks, "Never ask a man if he can do it!"

The situation changed after his reply. Ning Xis eyes shone brightly again. Tang Lang had gotten serious and his ferocity intensified.

He began his counter, but he was still relaxed enough to keep on talking. "Yo, the old man was really biased. He sure taught you a lot of new stuff!"

Ning Xi was annoyed. He had been missing for half a year. Of course, the Master only had First Senior Brother to teach.

There was something even worse!

Tang Langs talent was out of the world; he could actually observe and learn Tang Yes new skills on the spot and he rebounded the attack back at him.

Ning Xi was impressed. Too bad, there was no popcorn for her to enjoy the show!

Upon seeing his skills being easily copied on the spot, something went off within Tang Ye. He suddenly stepped back and took on a resting stance. He stared at Tang Lang, then he raised his hand to take off his glasses.

Ning Xis heart sank to the pits of her stomach. This was bad!

She did not realize that First Senior Brother had not taken off his glasses for the whole fight, meaning that he had not utilized his full power yet!

Even Tang Lang was being wary and anxious at that moment.

Ning Xis worry had materialized

Tang Ye without his glasses was like an unrestrained beast; his attack powers rose sharply when that happened!

Ning Xi could tell that Second Senior Brother had no other choice but to use his full power this time. It was a tough fight between the both of them.

Tang Lang cursed to himself countless times. He had thought that Tang Ye had reached the bottleneck and could not possibly reach new heights in a mere half a year. He thought he could win, but apparently, he had underestimated Tang Ye.

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