Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 661

At Philadelphia Jetty.

Above the surface of the sea, the mist slowly subsided and the sun rose. Golden light reflected upon the buoyant waves of the sea, but gloom was apparent on his face.

"Where's she?" The man rushed over with everyone only to find an empty run-down car.

It was rare to see Tang Ye with his glasses on, as he stood there with his back facing the sea. He looked pensive as if he was thinking about something, and when he saw people approaching, he lowered his gaze and said, "She was taken away by Lu Tingxiao's man."

"Someone actually managed to take someone away from you?" the man glared at him, eyes ablaze.

"It was Tang Lang."

The man's eyes immediately squinted maliciously."Tang Lang..."

No wonder...No wonder Lu Tingxiao had unexpectedly compromised earlier. What a great actor! He had intentionally negotiated with him on the other end and said so much crap to delay time. All that just to let Tang Lang have enough time to secretly save her...

Damn it! He had actually fallen for it!

He had especially designated for Tang Ye to take Ning Xi away. Who would have thought that Tang Lang would come along and mess things up?

When they heard this, Feng Xiaoxiao and Feng Jin were stunned.

Who would have thought that Tang Lang who had disappeared for more than half a year would turn out to be...Lu Tingxiao's man!

"No way! This is impossible!" Feng Xiaoxiao gasped in disbelief. "There's no way Second Senior Brother would betray us!"

She, Tang Ye and Tang Lang had been adopted by the Master since they were very young. The three of them grew up with each other and were even closer than biological siblings. Naturally, it was hard for her to accept this.

However, the truth was right before them. There was no way Tang Ye would lie.

In fact, it was very obvious that after Tang Ye had gone against Tang Lang, he was feeling turmoiled and betrayed.

Feng Xiaoxiao was afraid that he would be miserable, so she did not even dare to ask for more details.

She knew that even though the two of them usually fought with one another and Tang Ye seemed to not like Tang Lang, they were actually very close and had fought for their lives together throughout their dysfunctional friendship. They always had the best chemistry when they were out on missions.

Now, the person who must be the most heartbroken was Tang Ye.

"Based on your amazing capabilities, how could you have lost to him so easily?" the man shot him a suspicious look, clearly not quite believing him.

Even if Tang Ye could not win, there was no way he could lose, and not so quickly too.

Whenever the two fought, it would always take them at least half a day. They had even fought for three days and three nights without being able to decide who won or lost.

Feng Xiaoxiao actually had her doubts as well, but she kept quiet. Actually, she had secretly suspected First Senior Brother going easy on him...

Of course, she did not dare proclaim such a thing aloud!

Tang Ye's expression stiffened. He did not bother explaining. "I lost, and that's that."

At that moment, Feng Jin looked at the time and urged anxiously, "Get onto the boat! We should depart now!"

The man turned around and stared at the city in slumber behind him.

His long fingers lightly moved his silver hair that was dancing in the wind to reveal the eye that had been hidden by his fringe, and never before seen by anyone.

His eyes were prettier than a woman's, but the hidden one was freakishly imprinted with a scar across it. Even though the impression of the scar was already very shallow, it still ruined the perfection of his eyes. However, this added an aura of wild danger to the man instead...

"Hmph, Lu Tingxiao, we will meet again very soon..."

And when that happens, I will take back everything that is mine.

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