Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 664

A dead silence hung across the banquet hall.

However, the phrase "my dear" was deafening enough to Lu Tingxiao.

"This isMadam Lu?" someone finally asked after a while.

Lu Tingxiao stood up and walked towards the girl, his cold eyes staring right at the girls injured legs. "Why arent you wearing any shoes?"

Ning Xi avoided his sharp gaze. "I did...but it broke"

Lu Tingxiao held her in his arms quietly.

Ning Xi put her hands around his neck naturally, then she glanced at the people in the banquet hall and asked softly, "Did I do something wrong? My dear, why arent you saying anything?"

She was scared! She had just woken up from her sleep and had not done this on purpose!

Ning Xis adaptation to the situation was so quick that she was already comfortable addressing Lu Tingxiao as "my dear". She did know how much of an impact her casual words brought to Lu Tingxiao.

Lu Tingxiao straightened his back and turned to everyone. "Im sorry, my wife isnt feeling well. Please excuse us."

Everyone smiled. "Its alright, CEO Lu! Dont mind us!"

"Of course! Your wife is certainly more important!"

"I see now its true that men who love and care for their wife are the most reliable ones!"

Everyone broke into excited chatter after Lu Tingxiao went away with Ning Xi in his arms.

"I would never expect Lu Tingxiao to make such a big deal just for a woman, but it seems that he really loves her! Thank God that nothing happened to her. Otherwise"

"Thats weird, isnt Lu Tingxiao single? Where did his wife come from? Ive been wanting to ask since just now!"

"Its not unusual for people to get married in secret. It's even more common for people like Lu Tingxiao"

"Ah, my daughter has been missing Mr. Lu since the last time she saw him. I didnt expect him to be married already!"

"There probably wasnt any chance for your daughter anyway!"

In the bedroom.

"Ah! Madam Lu! Where did you go? I was so scared!" The nurse had just gone out for a while and Ning Xi was already gone when she returned to the room, so she panicked.

"Its alright, let me do it," assured Lu Tingxiao.

"Oh, alright!" The nurse glanced at Lu Tingxiao shyly and left the room.

Lu Tingxiao lifted the sheets and lay Ning Xi on the bed gently.

Ning Xi asked, "Boss, was I smart enough just now to catch on to you?"

Lu Tingxiao squinted his eyes at her. "Not smart enough to cover your mistake."

Ning Xi looked down at the sheets. "I really barge in on purpose"

"Why did you get up when youre still feeling unwell?" Lu Tingxiao vented. How could she still run around with injuries on her legs?

"Ugh, I had a nightmare"

Lu Tingxiao sighed, then he explained, "To be able to rescue you this time, I had to lie and say that youre my wife. So, during our stay here, you might have to act as one. But it wont last long. Well go back as soon as you feel better."

"No problem! Acting is my profession after all!" Ning Xi reassured him, "I can act as any kind of wife you like!"

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