Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 675

The man's response was to kiss her again...

"Ning Xi..."


"Let's go home. The doctor said your injury is stable, so you can move about now."

"Okay! I've meaning to go home!"

The two clung onto each other in bed for a while before they finally got up.

When Ning Xi was putting on her clothes, she was upset to find that her entire body, even all the way down, was covered in hickeys!

It was a good thing that it was winter now, so she could wear something with a high collar to cover up.

When she asked the nurse for a turtleneck sweater, she still felt a little awkward.

The nurse did not look very old, but she was married. When she heard what Ning Xi asked for, she immediately could guess why and said, "Aiya, this Mr Lu, Madam, you're still injured! Why couldn't he control himself a little?! The wound must have opened up. That kind of injury can very easily be affected. I even especially reminded him that it's best that the two of you not be in the same room for this period of time."

Ning Xi's wound was on her inner thigh. If they wanted to do a certain act, the wound would indeed stand reopening easily.

The nurse was very worried and she kept mumbling to herself.

Ning Xi held her forehead and had to just say straightforwardly, "Nurse, don't worry, we didn't do anything."

How awkward! Who would have known that the nurse would even remind Lu Tingxiao of something like that? She was really professional...

"Ah...well, if you didn't, that's good! Mr. Lu really loves you!" Although, the nurse was not very reassured. In fact, she was even more worried. "But, to hold it in like that is not beneficial for Mr. Lu's body! How about I teach you some other ways? If you don't do it, you can still deal with the tension. You don't have to be shy..."

"Uhh...," Ning Xi felt uncomfortable. Nurse, why are you suddenly teaching me bed tricks?

"What are you talking about?" This was when Lu Tingxiao walked in and asked out of curiosity.

Ning Xi quickly looked innocent and said, "Nothing!"

"Let's go, the flight's been booked."

"Okay." Ning Xi naturally hurled out both hands towards him.

Lu Tingxiao walked over, bent down and carried her like a damsel in distress.

When the both of them were leaving, the old Minister led a huge group of people to send them off. In fact, the send-off was oddly grand. Even Ning Xi felt a little guilty for her superb acting skills.

Lu Tingxiao had booked an international airline and not a helicopter since the flight in the former would be stabler.

The first class cabin was very spacious and comfortable. Lu Tingxiao helped her adjust her seat to lean back and covered her with a cashmere blanket. "Get some sleep."

"I can't fall asleep..." Ning Xi shook her head, a little worried, "Lu Tingxiao...tell me, what if Minister Naka and the rest realize that you lied to them? What would you do? It wouldn't cause some international conflict, would it?"

Lu Tingxiao laughed lightly. "Then, I guess I'll have to trouble this Madam here to save me."

"Huh?" Ning Xi was instantly stunned. Was Lu Tingxiao implying that they should make their act real?

So as not to trouble her, Lu Tingxiao immediately stopped and patted her head. "I'm just kidding, don't worry. They already got what they wanted, so even if they know, it's nothing."

Ning Xi nodded in relief.

Then, Lu Tingxiao suddenly looked right at her and said, "Ning Xi, may I ask you a question?"


"Why was your choice in the end...me?"

"Umm...let me think..." Ning Xi thought for a while then answered, "One percent of the reason is obviously because you're very mature, stable, reliable, handsome, and so nice to me..."

Lu Tingxiao's eyebrows went up. "Then, what about the other 90 percent?"

Ning Xi blinked. "The other 90 percent is, of course, because of Little Treasure!"

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