Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 676

Ning Xi said, "The other 90 percent is, of course, because of Little Treasure!"

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Little Treasure was such a huge bonus...wasn't it a little too much?

He instantly added 99 points?

He really did not know whether to be happy or feel unhappy...

When she saw the girl's cunning smile, Lu Tingxiao narrowed his eyes. "You..."

When Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao landed, it was already evening. Only the chauffeur came to pick them up.

"Where's Jingli?" Lu Tingxiao casually asked when they got into the car.

The chauffeur looked slightly awkward as he answered, "Second Master is busy, so he could not personally come."

When she heard this, Ning Xi raised her brows and said, "Busy? I think he just doesn't want to see me!"

The chauffeur was speechless.

Without revealing anything, Miss Ning Xi could guess so accurately.

Second Master's words verbatim were, "I'm not going! I never want to see that woman again. From now on, where I am, she won't be near me, and where she is, I won't be there!

Lu Tingxiao naturally guessed the reason Lu Jingli had not come too. "Should we explain to him?" Ning Xi shook her head and scoffed, "No! Wait till he sees me for himself, I want to shock him! Hehe, serves him right for being such a blabbermouth..."

The chauffeur watched the two of them in the back seat and thought that it was odd. Master and Miss Xiao Xi seemed to be getting along so well. What was wrong?

He subconsciously looked at Assistant Cheng beside him suspiciously and shot him a look to say "What's going on?".

Cheng Feng looked back at him and did not say anything. He just replied with a look that said "Who can I ask?",

The point was that since Miss Ning Xi had been rescued, the atmosphere had been different. He suspected that they had seen real love in times of need. However, whether this was true or not, he still had to observe for a while more...

After all, in D.C., the two of them were pretending to be husband and wife. He could not tell whether those loving ways and displays of affection were real or fake.

As Cheng Feng thought about this, in the back seat, Lu Tingxiao suddenly leaned over and kissed Ning Xi.

The chauffeur, who watched this scene play out through the rearview mirror, had a slip of his hand and almost lost control of the steering wheel.

Boss! I'm driving here! Can you not suddenly shock me?!

Cheng Feng was just stunned and in his head only one thought remained: very good, no need for further observations...

This was clearly hitting the nail on the board! Based on Boss' mature attitude, if the other person did not return his affections, he would definitely not make such a random move!

My God! Did he just see what happened? Was he dreaming? The boss had been waiting for this day to come! Ahhh! Why did he feel even happier than falling in love himself?

Behind, Ning Xi was no less shocked than Cheng Feng and the chauffeur up front. She quickly pushed Lu Tingxiao away. She could not help but blush as much as she tried to be calm. "Hey, what are you doing?! Don't do such nonsense in broad daylight!"

Most importantly, there were other people up front!

Lu Tingxiao looked at her and said nonchalantly, "You were looking very cute earlier, I could not help it."

Ning Xi was speechless.

What the hell? Was it her fault again? Didn't she just say she wanted to shock Lu Jingli? What was cute and irresistible about that? Was he even seduced by that too?

Seriously...she really did not get the devil sometimes...

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