Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 680

Logically, based on Ning Xi's attitude towards him, she was agreeable to being an item with him, so Lu Tingxiao never knew where his confusion and insecurity came from.

Now, after Lu Jingli had analyzed everything in his messy way, he somehow understood the gist of it. Even though his relationship with Ning Xi was somewhat confirmed, it was like a rootless duckweed, at the risk of being damaged at the attack of the wind; it was simply too fragile.

That was why he felt such anxiety creeping up on him...

After he heard Lu Tingxiao's response, Lu Jingli whipped out a notebook and wrote something down as if he was noting down the date and date, then sympathized, "Bro, don't worry, just survive the next seven days and you would have won half the battle, successfully defeating all the past romantic rivals! Oh no...not all, there's still Su Yan. Su Yan has a pretty good record...argh, this is thinking too far ahead, let's not go there first! Let's first survive the next few days!"

Then, he meaningfully patted Lu Tingxiao's shoulder and said, "Bro! I'll help you! I will use all my power from this lifetime to help you survive this hard pass! I definitely won't let you become an ex-boyfriend!"




These words appeared like three overwhelmingly monstrous mountains that fell onto Lu Tingxiao's face, instantly blacking everything out.

He looked in fear at the little black leather notebook in Lu Jingli's hands as if it recorded the date of his death...

At Regal Riveria Hotel.

At that moment, Ning Xi was reading through the tabloid news, unaware of a black car moving from the riverside to this apartment, finally stopping quietly below her unit.

After she returned to the apartment, thanks to the good sleep on the plane, she felt very energetic. The first thing she did was to look at the entertainment news she had been deprived of for a few days, getting updated with the latest headlines. Most importantly, she wanted to look at how well their promotion of "The World had gone.

She got the shock of her life.

It had only been a few days, but all the current gossip related to "The World" was about an argument that had broken out on Weibo.

With the entire drama team's hard work, "The World" had already gained popularity ahead of the release and it had taken the industry by storm. However, the public's attention would naturally be focused on the drama's male and female lead in the early stages.

Eventually, the co-stars, Meng Changge and Sun Huanqing, started to gain popularity too. After many fans had watched the trailer, they started to recommend the show with high praises for the pair of co-stars. This caused the co-stars to be even more popular than the main leads.

Thus, the fans of the leads were obviously unhappy.

The catalyst for this fight was the second version of the trailer released by the officials just two days ago.

The drama team saw that since the co-stars were so popular, they decided to appeal to the audiences by editing in Ning Xi and Jiang Muye's scenes on a level on par with Ning Xueluo and Zhao Sizhou's.

Some fans had even calculated and highlighted that the screen time of the female co-star, Ning Xi, was even more than the female lead, Ning Xueluo's, by three seconds.

Now, Ning Xueluo's fans, who were already unhappy to begin with, exploded.

[Hey! What's up with the drama team? Don't confuse the leads! Who's the female lead now? Why does a mere supporting character have even more screen time than our Xueluo?]

[We just want to see Xueluo, not some evil witch!]

[Exactly, she's so ugly. What the hell?! Stop corrupting our eyes further!]

[The male and female supporting actors are stealing all the limelight. The drama team's bias is so obvious now! How embarrassing!]


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