Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 681

At that moment, Jiang Muyes fans demonstrated their strength.

Since some of Ning Xueluos fans were upset enough to bring Jiang Muyes name into the mess, his fans could not stand it anymore.

[Are you guys blind? Ning Xi is at least ten times prettier than Ning Xueluo!]

[Cut the crap about shady arrangements! Dont frame innocent people! Muye is the most popular here, Its only natural to have more of his screen time. The crew isnt stupid!]

[This is the second preview. The first preview featured the main protagonists and the second featured the secondary protagonists. Whats wrong with that? It seems to me that some fans are just overreacting!]

Basically, both Ning Xueluo's and Zhao Sizhou's fans angered Jiang Muyes die hard supporters, adding fuel to the exchange. Jiang Muyes fans had exceptional keyboard warrior abilities and they spared no mercy.

Ning Xi was having goosebumps from watching the arguments; she was glad that she was on Jiang Muyes side this time. She thought to herself, "I should treat him better next time. After all, there's an impeccable army of iron maidens right behind him!

They're so loyal and ferocious!" Some people had just briefly mentioned Jiang Muyes name while ridiculing her, but his fans were already counterattacking them.

Ning Xi continued looking at the news while she made a call to Jiang Muye.

After a long time of ringing, Jiang Muye picked up the call and started blabbering the moment the line got through, "Dont tell me about your confession. I dont want to hear about it. Thats all. Bye bye, the user youre calling is unavailable"

Ning Xi was exasperated. "Whats wrong with you? Whos talking about my confession?!"

There was a silence, then Jiang Muye cautiously asked, "Then, why did you call me?"

Ning Xi replied while scrolling through the web pages, "Im about to praise you!"

"Praise me?" Jiang Muye sat up as straight as a rod now. "Whats gotten into you?"

"Yeah, I just got home and was looking through the news!" Ning Xi replied.

Jiang Muye instantly knew what she was up to and he preened cheerfully, "How is it? What do you think of the power of my female fans?"

"They're awesome! Exceptional! Actually...Im quite envious of you! I wonder when will I have such a fan base. Id be right even when Im wrong and people will just rain compliments all over me everyday! The definition of happiness!" Ning Xi gushed, full of admiration.

"You still have a long way to go!" Jiang Muye spoke with a tone of seniority. Then, he suddenly changed the topic. "Right, so what happened to your confession?"

Ning Xi was stunned. "Didnt you just say you dont want to know anything about it? Even women dont change their minds as quickly as you do!"

"Forget about that! Ning Xiao Xi, are you telling me or not? Have you confessed? Whats going on now?" Jiang Muye asked quickly.

Ning Xi took her own sweet time to reply. "What's going on now is...dear Jiang Xiao Ye, please dont be rude and call my name directly. Next time, address me as Aunt!"

It was Jiang Muyes turn to be speechless.

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