Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 689

Hu Hongda explained, "This woman was forcing me to put up a post on Weibo to clarify"

Ming Fangfang laughed coldly. "Clarify? What is there to clarify? Ling Zhizhi, I respected you when you were Leng Manyuns manager, but what sort of artiste are you handling right now? Destroying other peoples family and now you dare to come here and ask my husband to clarify?"

Ling Zhizhis eyebrows closed in as she explained humbly, "Mrs. Hu, I think youre mistaken, your husbands mistress isnt Ning Xi. Everyone has misunderstood the false news from before, which is why Im here to ask CEO Hu to clarify to the public. You were in the entertainment industry before. You understand well enough how difficult it would be for a female artiste to bear such slander. Plus, Mrs. Hu, dont you want the one who was really at fault to receive their just punishment?"

Ling Zhizhi knew that they would not care about anything aside from their benefits, which was why she emphasized her last sentence.

Ming Fangfang looked at Hu Hongda in confusion after she heard Ling Zhizhi. "What is happening? Didnt you say it was Ning Xi who seduced you?"

Hu Hongda replied instantly, "Yeah! Thats right, she did!"

Ling Zhizhi glowered. "Impossible! CEO Hu, Ning Xi said she doesnt know you at all! And just now you"

Ming Fangfang interrupted her, "Ling Zhizhi, I dont know if youre just too innocent or simply pathetic! You believe her just because she said so? If you have so much free time to argue here with me, why don't you go back and ask your artiste?! How dare she not admit that it's her fault?!"

Ming Fangfang was absolutely positive that it was Ning Xi. She was prideful in her beauty and looks. Although she did not believe that anyone else would be able to seduce her husband, this was Ning Xi.

Since it was Hu Hongda who explained to her that he had been the victim in the situation, she trusted him without a doubt.

Ling Zhizhi felt really troubled. She thought it was just a misunderstanding, but who knew...Hu Hongda was framing Ning Xi intentionally!

Had it not been for Ming Fangfangs appearance, she would have just thought that he did not want any trouble, hence his declination to explain

"Security, send her away! Dont let her come in!" Ming Fangfang crossed her arms and looked at her in despise.

Two security guards came up to her and one of them pushed Ling Zhizhi roughly. She fell down and sprained her ankle, feeling a sharp pain shooting up her leg.

From the moment Hu Hongda said it, Ling Zhizhi knew that there was no more reason for her to stay. She went back to her company immediately.

At Regal Riveria Hotel.

Ning Xi had accidentally overslept. It was already nine oclock when she opened her eyes.

The first thing she did was to call Ling Zhizhi. "Hello, Sis Zhizhi, whats the situation now? Did the Hu guy agreed?"

Ling Zhizhi replied with a serious tone, "Nope, plus, he insisted that youre his mistress."

Ning Xi exploded, "Damn it! Is he out of his mind?! Even if I were to become someones mistress, I would get someone of Lu Tingxiaos level. Why would I choose him?"

Ning Xi realized that something was not right. Was Lu Tingxiao still here?

She peeked outside and saw Lu Tingxiao on the sofa, currently staring at her with his arms stretched out, holding the newspapers

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