Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 690

Ling Zhizhi chuckled. "You'd better not let anyone hear this, be more careful of what you say."

"Oh" Ning Xi nodded while taking a peek at Lu Tingxiao. But the person she mentioned had heard it

"Its not all bad. At least now, we know they are framing you. We asked nicely, and since it has come to this extent, we neednt be concerned about them for what we do next."

Ning Xi touched her chin as her thoughts developed. "But...I really dont know Hu Hongda, so its definitely not for revenge. Why would he want to do this? He admitted that he cheated and in doing so, framed me?"

"Im already checking on Hu Hongda. I should have something by noon today."

"Alright, thank you so much, Sis Zhizhi!"

After ending the call, Ning Xi hopped into the living room. "Boss, youre still here! Hehe...I was just...praising you!"

He patted on the chair beside him. "Do you need help?"

"Not yet, Ill see what Sis Zhizhi can find. Rest assured, if I cant handle it, Ill surely let you know. Argh! Its late already, go to work now! If youre skipping work for my sake, Ill feel guilty!" Ning Xi urged him.

Lu Tingxiao stared into her eyes and said, "Its alright, its not an issue as of now, but Im looking forward to the day...that youll make me forget about working in the morning."

"Oh" Ning Xi blushed after she realized what Lu Tingxiao meanthe was too dirty minded!

She did not mean that at all! He claimed that she infected him with such thoughts but the devil himself was dirty minded enough!

Just a few minutes after Ling Zhizhi left, Hu Hongda made an even bolder move. He outright named Ning Xi on Weibo.

Ming Fangfang posted on Weibo: [Mistresses in recent years are really shameless!]

Hu Hongda was trying to get on his wifes good side, so he went along: [Please respect yourself and stop bothering me and my family! @Ling Zhizhi @Ning Xi]

Ning Xi had been fully exposed as the mistress now and all the fans went crazy.

Pictures of Ling Zhizhi appearing at Hongda Company were uploaded on the net as well. Many netizens thought that she had gone there looking for trouble and the ignorant fans were angered.

The topic of having a mistress was really sensitive in recent times, making it was very easy for people to unleash their rage online.

[Muye still tried to defend Ning Xi! I was wrong for believing her! Die, you witch!]

[Isnt Ling Zhizhi the manager of Leng Manyun? I really liked Leng Manyun! Why did her manager become like this now? How inappropriate!]

[No wonder Starlight fired her. Glory World mustve been blind! I felt sorry for her when she was framed by Ning Xueluo, but she is really despicable!]

Things were getting out of hand online.

At the same time, Ling Zhizhi found some key information and she gave Ning Xi a call.

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