Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 693

Ling Zhizhis heart sank. "You"

"Ms. Ling, you had better know your place. If not, I won't guarantee your daughters safety!" Hu Hongda ended the call after his threat.

Ling Zhizhis face was pale as snow as she stood there, still holding her phone.

She then quickly called the school. "Hello, Teacher Wang! Is Lingling there?"

"Linglings mother? Yes, shes here!"

Ling Zhizhi calmed down and her tone softened. "What is she doing?"

"Shes playing Jenga with the other kids. Ill let her talk to you! Lingling, come here"

Soon, a sweet, soft voice piped through the phone, "Mother!"

"Hello, my little sweetheart!"

"Mother, when will you come and see me?"

"Im...still busy...Ill go and see you once Im done with work, alright? Be good and listen to Grandfather and Grandmother, and remember, never talk to strangers, alright?"

Ling Zhizhi still felt uneasy after calling her daughter, so she made another call to her parents to fill them in on the details.

She then stared at the unsent file on her screen, struggling to make the right decision

In a bungalow on the outskirts of Imperial.

Hu Hongda ended the call and held Fang Ya in his arms, looking at ease. "Don't worry, my dear, its settled now. Therell be no problem! Just be at ease and take care of our child!"

"Thats great! Well...there shouldnt be any more problem, right?" Unsure if it was just a pregnant ladys overthinking, Fang Ya still felt uneasy.

"What problem could there be? Shes just a manager. Its as easy as killing an ant for me to handle her!"

"But shes from Glory World Entertainment. If the higher-ups are involved"

"There are so many managers and artistes in Glory World Entertainment. Would they really care about some small matter? Even if they knew about this, do you think they would want to offend me just for a mere manager? Im not afraid even if the owner of Glory World Entertainment, Lu Jingli, came for me!"

Fang Ya was truly relaxed now and she looked at Hu Hongda admiringly. "Mmm, I knew that my husband is the best!"

On the other hand, Ning Xi kept on waiting for Ling Zhizhis message, but it did not come after a long while.

Could something have happened?

Ning Xis eyebrows closed in and she quickly called her. The phone was picked up after some delay.

"Hello, Sis Zhizhi!"

"Hey, Ning Xi"

"Sis Zhizhi, are you okay? You dont sound alright...did something happen?"

"There are some changes. We have to stop the original plan" Ling Zhizhi sounded like she was in pain to tell her about the changes.

Ning Xi instinctively knew something had happened. "Sis Zhizhi, did they threaten you?"

There was no reply. Ning Xi knew that she was right. She had been worried from before, but she just did not expect for it to really happen.

"Im sorry, Ning Xi"

"Dont be silly, Sis Zhizhi. Im the one who should apologize. You could have given up on me, but you never did! Ive always brought trouble to you...Sis Zhizhi, let me handle this matter! Ill get it settled!"

Damn it! They dared to bully her friend! She was not going to hold back now!

After ending the call with Ling Zhizhi, she quickly made another call. "Hey, Boss!"

"Hmm?" A deep cello-like voice answered.

"I need your help."

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