Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 695

Fang Ya was anxious after Hu Hongda ended the call. "That vixen wanted to meet you. Whats she up to? Why did you agree?!"

"Well, were just meeting up. Ill see what she wants, no big deal! Be good, stay at home and wait for me!" Hu Hongdan then went into his bedroom and started picking out his outfit.

"Can you please not go? That vixen is surely up to nothing good!"

"Why should I be afraid of a small little girl?"

"I dont mean that youre afraid of her, but...but what if she seduces you? Shes a slut and has a really bad reputation! Who knows what sort of disease she has? Dont be fooled by her!"

"Do I look like someone who would be easily fooled? Alright, just rest well at home and stop worrying." Hu Hongda started to sound a little harsh. He was determined to go.

Fang Ya bit her lip hard. She hid in the backyard and gave Ning Xueluo a call. "Xueluo"

Ning Xueluo was in the middle of a spa session at a beauty salon, so she was annoyed to hear Fang Yas pitiful voice, but she still asked her patiently, "What happened, Xiao Ya?"

"Xueluo! That witch is really frustrating me! How could someone be this despicable?!" Fang Ya cried agitatedly.

"Who do you mean? Ning Xi? What did she do?" Ning Xueluo asked carefully, sitting up. Her plan was close to success now. No failure would be accepted.

"She called my Hongda and wanted to meet him! He has already gone out! I couldnt make him stay at all! What is she trying to do meeting up with him now? Should I follow him? What should I do if Hongda really gets seduced by her?" Fang Ya anxiously asked.

Ning Xueluo was excited instead of being worried. "No, dont go! Isnt it better for her to do so?"

"How is this good? My man is going to be taken away from me! Im pregnant now and unable to satisfy him! If he really wanted to"

"What are you afraid of when you are carrying his child? Arent you worried that you dont have solid proof to prevent Ning Xi from getting back on her feet? Nows the best chance to get it! You dont have to go at all. Just send an anonymous message to Ming Fangfang and let her do the work!" advised Ning Xueluo.

Fang Ya was excited by the plan. "Oh, right! How could I not think of this? Xueluo, youre a genius! Shell have no excuses now! Ming Fangfang would never let her get away with this"

After the call ended, she quickly sent Ming Fangfang a text message: [Provence Restaurant, Room number 18. Your husband is dating the Vixen!]

Ning Xi, you will never ever be deemed innocent again!

Cheng Feng took his orders and sent his lady boss to the restaurant, and escorted her all the way into the room, afraid that he might miss out on something.

"Thank you, Assistant Cheng. You may return to your work now!"

"But...what if Hu Hongda arrives first? I should stay here with you until Boss arrives!" Cheng Feng reminded.

"Its going to be alright! Its more fun if Hu Hongda arrives first. It won't be as fun anymore if youre here! Plus, you should worry more about Hu Hongda, shouldn't you?"

Assistant Cheng reminded himself of Ning Xis heroic deeds and he had no rebuttals...

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