Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 699

Hu Hongda was unable to say anything. Now he truly understood how it felt like to smash a huge rock on his own feet.

He was filled with regrets. Why was he so unlucky? He had just wanted to frame a woman and this woman he framed turned out to be Lu Tingxiaos girlfriend. Had he not always been single? There were even rumors that he liked men! Why did he suddenly have a girlfriend? This really ruined his plan!

No matter how powerful he was in Imperial, he was nothing compared to Lu Tingxiao. Absolutely nothing.

Hu Hongda could only surrender in defeat and he spoke in a low voice, "Miss Ning, its all my fault, I didnt know that you were CEO Lus girlfriend. Ive offended you gravely. Ill now delete the Weibo post and I will clarify everything. I could say that I just tagged you wrongly. Then, everyone will be happy. What do you think?"

Everyone will be happy?

He was too naive! Not only did he want to protect himself, he was still trying to hide the identity of his real mistress up till now.

Ning Xi laughed bitterly and looked at Ming Fangfang. "Tagged the wrong person? Could you really have wrongly tagged your mistress and even my manager? Do you think anyone would believe you, CEO Hu?"

Hu Hongda arrogantly answered, "No one will question my credibility! Don't you worry!"

Ning Xi was not patient enough to entertain him any further and sternly said, "Announce who your real mistress is and admit that you framed me on purpose, then Ill forget about this matter."

"Miss Ning, dont try to challenge my limits!" Hu Hongdas expression changed as he darted a glance at Ming Fangfang in horror.

If he were to announce it, he would never be able to keep Fang Yas child!

Damn it, was she not just Lu Tingxiaos girlfriend? In fact, she might not even be his girlfriend for long! She was just an actress! Who did she think she was?

While Hu Hongda was not as powerful as the Lu family, he was still someone important in the Imperial!

Hu Hongda felt cocky as he stroked his own ego, so he ignored Ning Xi and turned to Lu Tingxiao to haughtily scoff, "Women know nothing about business. Lets talk, CEO Lu, what do you think of my plan? Its beneficial to the both of us!"

He made an intentional pause and looked at Ning Xi with a warning glare. "If youre really trying to force me, heh"

He had worked his way up to where he was today; even Lu Tingxiao had to respect that. Looking at Hu Hongdas evil grin, Lu Tingxiao kept quiet.

Ming Fangfang broke the silence angrily, "Hu Hongda! You bastard! You dare to lie to me! You lied again! Whos that witch? Why are you trying to hide her!"

"Dear...please calm down! Well talk about this back home, alright? Not with outsiders around!" Hu Hongda was actually planning to frame another woman since Ning Xi was not a viable option now. He could never reveal Fang Ya as his mistress.

As Hu Hongda was cooking up his plan, his phone rang. It was his companys vice president calling him. He answered impatiently, "What is it? Tell me only after I get back...what? The company shares are dropping drastically? How is this possible?!"

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