Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 702

Ning Xi wore Lu Tingxiaos windbreaker and wrapped herself in it tightly. As she was about to ask Lu Tingxiao if he was going to go back to his office, she felt a vibration coming from the jacket.

"Lu Tingxiao, your phone is ringing."

Lu Tingxiao took his phone out from the pocket of the jacket, frowning at what he saw.

"What happened? Whos calling?" Ning Xi asked.

Who was it that could make Lu Tingxiao pull an "I-cant-handle-this" face? How rare

"Its Little Treasures teacher," Lu Tingxiao replied.

"Isnt it school hours? Why would the teacher call now?" Ning Xi questioned.

Lu Tingxiao gave it some thought, then he handed his phone to Ning Xi. "You should take it."

Obviously, Lu Tingxiao had no idea how to deal with a foreign creature like his sons teacher,

"Me?" Ning Xi scratched her head. "Okay...I guess its better that I pick it up anyway"

She could not imagine the conversation between Lu Tingxiao and Little Treasures teacher. The teacher might speak a lot and he might just reply with a grunt.

It would be even more possible that the teacher got frightened by Lu Tingxiaos voice

Ning Xi did not decline and put the call on the speaker for Lu Tingxiao to listen.

"Hello, is this Lu Qingyus father?" a female teachers voice said.

"Hello, Teacher Wang, Im Lu Qingyus mother." To make things easier, Ning Xi did not give it much thought and just said it as it was.

She did not realize...how intensely Lu Tingxiao was feeling at that moment.

"Did something happen to my kid in school?" Ning Xi asked nervously.

"Thats not it, Madam Lu, Im just calling to confirm if you and Mr. Lu really do not have time this afternoon. Itd be great even if just one of you can attend! Itd be so pitiful if both of you cant come!" The teacher sounded disapproving.

For Little Treasure to experience school life like any normal children, no one in the school except the principal knew about Little Treasures real identity. Even the teachers were not informed of who he was.

The teachers only knew that this kid was from a well-off family and preferred to be quiet. His parents were busy and did not seem to have a good relationship because ever since the first day of school, they were not seen at school together again.

Ning Xi asked in confusion, "This afternoon? Is there something going on in school?"

"Dont you know about it?" The teacher sounded surprised.

Ning Xi stared at Lu Tingxiao and he shook his head, signaling that he was unaware as well.

Ning Xi replied, "Both of us are unaware of this. Little Treasure never mentioned it to us."

"He didnt? How could this be? I even confirmed with him a few times"

The teacher started to explain, "Heres the thing. There will be a parental activity today. Were organizing a masquerade party. Ive told the children a few days ago to inform their parents, and I even gave them a letter for their parents. A few reminders were given out too. From the name list yesterday, only Lu Qingyus parents will be absent. All the other children have at least one parent attending."

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