Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 703

Ning Xi frowned. "Our child really didn't mention about this to us."

The teacher sighed, "Then, it's probably because the child didn't want to trouble you both and intentionally did not inform you...I wanted to call the both of you yesterday to ask, but that child is really too mature. He even took the initiative to tell me not to call, in fear of disturbing the both of you...

"Sigh, as busy as one can be, one can still spare some time from an afternoon, can't you? I pondered for quite a while and decided to still make this call, hoping the both of you could consider it. This is, after all, Lu Qingyu's first parental activity since attending our school!"

Ning Xi's eyes were tearing up listening to what the teacher said.

Yet, after Lu Tingxiao heard the teacher's words and expression of feelings, he felt completely different from Ning Xi...

It was true that Ning Xi was very busy recently, but he remembered that he had not been too busy these past few days.

Why didn't Little Treasure tell him?

Perhaps the little guy thought that if Aunty Xiao Xi could not make it, his biological father didn't have to come to since there wouldn't be any difference...

"Teacher, I understand, it's our fault. We have been too distant from our child in terms of interaction. I'll go over this afternoon. As for my husband, I'll ask him in a bit, and we will try to go over together," said Ning Xi.

"That would be great. We actually requested the parents to prepare and make their own outfits and props, but since it is too last minute for the both of you, our school has ready-made ones you can use," reminded the teacher.

"Okay, thank you, Teacher Wang!"

On the side, Lu Tingxiao quietly listened to Ning Xi mention "Lu Qingyu's mother" and "my husband". He felt like deciding to let Ning Xi pick up this call was an accurate one.

After she finished the call with the teacher, Ning Xi quickly asked him, "Lu Tingxiao, are you free this afternoon?"

"I have a department meeting, but I can let Lu Jingli chair it on my behalf." The wife had already spoken. How could he not make time?

"That's great then! The both of us will go together!" Ning Xi suddenly hesitated. "Wait...can I go?"

Because she was too worried about Little Treasure earlier, she had just taken on the identity of Little Treasure's mother. Now that she had calmed down, she could not help but feel that it was not appropriate. After all, she was only dating Lu Tingxiao now.

Lu Tingxiao looked at her lovingly and said, "Of course, you can."

Ning Xi seemed to be scorched by his gaze and she coughed slightly. "Right, before I go to school I need to get some things from the apartment. If it was any other function, I wouldn't be confident, but this is a masquerade ball, which is completely my forte! I have many outfits and props at home, and they're all ready-made!"


At Regal Riveria Hotel.

Ning Xi was turning her house upside down. She had many items for dressing up, but it was not too easy to find something that could fit a family of three.

The three of them could dress up as different characters, but that would not be special. She wanted to take on a more unique theme.

While Ning Xi was looking for the props and outfits, Lu Tingxiao called Lu Jingli.

The moment the phone got through, Lu Jingli anxiously answered, "Hello, Bro, it's ten minutes to the meeting. You're not planning to miss it, are you?"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Yes, I'll let you chair the meeting."

Lu Jingli was speechless.

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