Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 704

"Okay, okay...I knew it...have you settled your matters?" Lu Jingli asked with a certain tone.

When he saw Hongda Estate's shares drop drastically, he already knew that his brother had personally gone to save the wife. Was there anything that could he not solve?


"Hmm, is Xiao Xi Xi especially touched? The both of you are in the honeymoon phase of your relationship. Are you definitely going off to spend some quality time with each other?" Lu Jingli teased.

Lu Tingxiao shortly replied, "No."

"Eh? No? No quality time with each other? Then, why aren't you coming back for the meeting?" Lu Jingli was very shocked to hear the answer. He was not used to his brother not publicly displaying his affection for Ning Xi.

In the next moment, he heard his brother say, "Little Treasure's school has a parent-child activity."

Lu Jingli was shocked. What!?

Damn it, this trio's quality time is much more lovey-dovey than just the two of them!

This was only the second day of them dating but they were already going to participate in a parent-child activity.

Indeed, this was still his biological brother...

"Ah! Found it! This one will definitely be awesome!" The house rang with Ning Xi's overjoyed voice.

Lu Tingxiao hung up and looked up to see Ning Xi carrying a red cloth in her hands with another two grey furry items on top of it...

"What are you preparing?"

"I'm keeping it a secret first. You'll know then, hehe..." Ning Xi chuckled mysteriously, then said a little uncertainly, "I'm just slightly worried that you won't be willing to wear it later..."

"I will."

"Really? You said so! No matter what I prepare, you'll be willing to wear it?"


"Okay! Big Boss, even you're giving it your all! Let's fight for the first place! Earlier, Teacher Wang sent me the activity details. The first place will get a super huge prize! How exciting!"


At the school.

When Ning Xi and Lu Tingxiao rushed to the school, they noticed that the other children's parents had all arrived. There were people dressed up as various characters: some lions, tigers, dinosaurs, princesses, Cinderella, Spiderman, and Ice Queen...

Ning Xi stood in the colorful crowd to look but she could not find Little Treasure...

Ning Xi tiptoed, hoping to see better. "Eh, where's our Little Treasure? Lu Tingxiao, do you see him?"

Lu Tingxiao used his privilege of height and skimmed the crowd, then said, "Little Treasure isn't here."

"Eh? He's not? Where did he go then?"

Teacher Wang, who was not far away, rushed over when she saw the two of them standing at the gate. "Mister Lu, Madam Lu, you've come!"

Even though he had only seen them once on the child's first day at school, they were just too eye-catching, thus she recognized them right away.

"Teacher Wang, sorry we're late. Where's Lu Qingyu?" Ning Xi asked worriedly.

"He's reading in the classroom! I haven't told him that you would come. He'll definitely be very happy when he sees you!" Teacher Wang smiled broadly.

"Thank you, Teacher Wang, we'll go over now!"


When they left the event venue, Ning Xi impatiently hurried faster and faster.

Lu Tingxiao reminded her helplessly, "Slow down, you still have an injury on your leg."

"But I can't wait anymore!" Of course, she would not listen to his advice. When she thought about baby Little Treasure sitting alone in the classroom, she wished she could put on a pair of wings and fly over.

But she knew the limits of her own leg. If she walked faster, her wound would definitely not be able to handle it...

A bright idea hit her. She turned around, opening up her arms towards Lu Tingxiao and said, "Boss, carry me!"

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