Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 705

Lu Tingxiao was dumbfounded by the sudden happiness that surged through him.

Ning Xi did not care about being shy and urged him, "Quickly! Little Treasure is waiting for us!"

Lu Tingxiao picked her up gently.

It was the right decision. Although Lu Tingxiao was not all that fast, his legs were long, so he walked much faster than her.

There were not many people around, which explained her bold behavior.

Ning Xi looked around, then she spotted the classroom entrance

They saw a little boy and a teacher standing in front of the entrance, seeming like they were arguing.

The teacher was in her twenties and she was scolding the little boy, "Sun Zhuangzhuang! How could you lock the door?! Lu Qingyu is still inside!"

"Teacher! Lu Qingyu didnt change into a costume!" The boys face was chubby, his cheeks were puffy and almost covered his slitted eyes. He wore a black bear outfit, probably cosplaying a bear from a recent popular cartoon animation.

"I know. Because his parents arent here yet!" the teacher patiently explained.

"He did not put on his costume, so he cannot play with us! Im going to lock him up!" the little boy yelled.

"You cant just lock him up because of a reason like that! Good children cant be mean to others!"

As the teacher was trying to convince the little boy, he stomped his foot on hers and screeched, "You witch! You dare to defy me?! Im going to ask my dad to punish you!"

The boy was still a child, but his body was stout and he was much stronger than other kids, so his stomp must have caused some damage.

The teacher felt a sharp pain in her foot and cried out, "Sun Zhuangzhuang, how can you kick people?"

A big-sized man quickly came over. "My son, why are you here?! Ive been looking for you!"

As he saw his father, he spoke in his loud voice, "Father! The teacher hit me! She hit me!"

"What? Who dare to hit you?! Im going to kill them!" The man looked buff and his eyes were ferocious.

The young teacher was terrified but she explained carefully, "Mr. Sun, I didnt. How could I hit children? Your son insisted on locking another student in the classroom. I tried to convince him not to but hes not listening, and he even kicked me"

Instead of scolding or punishing his child, the father laughed. "Good! Good kick! Youre the star of our Sun family! Only we can bully others, no one can bully us!"

The female teacher looked pale and kept quiet even though she was angry. She tried to suppress her urge to cry

"What the heck?! A man bullying a weak lady and acting all high and mighty?" Ning Xi almost wanted to attack the man with her fists.

Most importantly, the bear kid was trying to lock Little Treasure in the classroom!

But she was still held by Lu Tingxiao, so her whims failed

"Lu Tingxiao, dont stop me! Im avenging my son!"

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