Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 706

"Dont act rashly."

"Im not! Lu Tingxiao, Im going to make him beg for forgiveness even with just one foot of mine!"

Lu Tingxiao sighed helplessly. He had to be careful with her even if it was just a parent-child activity in school. If he did not hold her back, she would act like a wild horse without restraint...

The child and his father went away, leaving the teacher weeping.

"Teacher, are you alright?" Ning Xi went up to her and gave her a tissue, her eyes flashing with anger.

"Ah! You guys...are Lu Qingyus parents, aren't you? Hes been waiting! Im alright. Did you guys see everything just now?"

The teacher was afraid that the parents would have a bad impression on the school, so she quickly explained, "Please dont mind it, this parent is just a special case. Most of the parents from our school are well mannered!"

This teacher had been protecting Little Treasure, so Ning Xi did not blame her. "Its alright. We understand that theres always someone like them around."

But the incident just now worried Ning Xi a little. Was Little Treasure being bullied in school?

According to his personality, he would not say anything even if he was bullied

The teacher could take a stab at Ning Xis worries as well. She quickly told her, "Lu Qingyu is adapting well to the school. Although he doesnt talk much, many children like him and hes especially popular with the girls!"

Ning Xis eyes shone. Little Treasure was popular with the girls?

That was a surprise!

But, well, it was her handsome son after all! It was normal for him to be popular!

"This Sun Zhuangzhuang is a famous troublemaker. His parents don't care either and us teachers are troubled when facing him...but weve been observing him closely, please rest assured"

The party was going to start soon, so after a short chat with the both of them, the teacher left to finish the preparations.

By the first column near the middle and right beside the window, there was a small shadow sitting by himself.

The snowflakes outside matched his ice-cold face, just like his fathers.

He was holding a big book and was totally immersed in his own world. What happened outside just now was unable to upset his small, pure world.

"Little Treasure"

With a gentle call, his invisible barrier was broken and his eyes slowly came back to reality

Little Treasure was surprised. He sat up straight and lifted his head up from the book, looking at the direction of the voice.

Aunty Xiao Xi!

Obviously, he totally ignored his father.

The little guy blinked and did not move for a few seconds. After he was sure that he was not hallucinating, he left his book on the table and ran

"Little Treasure...Im sorry" Ning Xis heart was at ease as Little Treasure ran into her arms.

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