Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 707

"Little Treasure, I know that you kept this matter hidden from us because you didnt want to trouble us, but no next time, alright?"

Little Treasure nodded obediently.

"Okay, its almost time now, lets get changed!"

Ning Xi was still a little worried about Sun Zhuangzhuang. She wanted to ask Little Treasure if he was bullied in school, but the party was already starting, so she suppressed her urge to ask for now.

However, it was still bothering her, so she had to think of something...a once-and-for-all plan so that Little Treasure would never be bullied in school

After they were done changing and they entered the hall, Ning Xi suddenly remembered something. She looked at the little bun and spoke to him, "Little Treasure, Ive forgotten to tell you something"

Little Bun blinked with suspicion.

Ning Xi coughed and then looked at Lu Tingxiao. "Um, well...let me think how to phrase this"

As she was thinking how to break the news to him, Lu Tingxiao interrupted, "Aunty Xiao Xi is now my girlfriend."

Little Treasure tilted his head and looked confused.

He was not familiar with the term "girlfriend". All he knew was that if Aunty Xiao Xi became his fathers wife, then she would be his mother.

Lu Tingxiao explained, "'Girlfriend' means that Aunty Xiao Xi is like half of your mother."

Ning Xi was speechless by his explanation. Was it even appropriate?

Nevertheless, the explanation was effective for Little Treasure's understanding. His face brightened up and he glanced at Ning Xi, seeking for confirmation.

Father could not be trusted!

Ning Xi did not want to disappoint the little bun. "Your father is...sort of right. That's what it kind of means! For your sake, when appearing in school, Ill be your...one whole mother!"

"One whole mother"...she was confused by her own phrase.

But the little bun was smart. He understood and nodded.

"Alright, then lets have fun!" Ning Xi held their hands, holding two fluffy paws and flanked by either of them.

The moment they stepped into the hall, everyone went quiet. All of them were looking at the entrance.

Ning Xi wore a cute puffy skirt with a big red hood over her head. She also had a small basket on her arm, obviously taking on the role of Little Red Riding Hood from the classic fairytale story.

As for the buns beside her, both of them wore fluffy grey suits with bushy tails and sharp ears attached to the suit. Even their eyebrows were colored grey with eyebrow pencil

The tiny wolf was cute while the large wolf was handsome and the Little Red Riding Hood looked beautiful. The three of them instantly became the center of attention.

The parents were all not professionals, so make-up for them was just simply drawing some lines on their faces. Some of them even wore fake outfits made of paper.

Ning Xi was the real professional. She was strict with her props and costume; even all the fur on the wolf suit looked real.

Ning Xi grinned as she saw everyones gaze on them. She whispered to Lu Tingxiao, "Did I overdo it? I feel like some advanced player bullying newbies"

"My wife is the best."

Ning Xi coughed, this guy was getting into his role real quick! Wouldn't being Little Treasure's one whole mother mean she was his wife?

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