Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 711

Sun Zhuangzhuang's father scoffed with a laugh, "What? A fight? You'd better reconsider, seeing how your husband has such a skinny build. He might not be able to even take a punch from me!"

Ning Xi glowered at him. While Lu Tingxiao was the type who look slimmer when clothed and muscular if he took off his clothes, he was nothing like this man in front of her who looked like a big lump of disgusting flesh!

The childs mother went along as well. "Your husband sure is unlucky to marry someone without a brain like you. I think you guys should get a divorce as soon as possible!"

Ning Xi looked at the time impatiently and said between gritted teeth, "Enough talking. Are we fighting or not?" If not, Lu Tingxiao would be back soon!

The childs father replied, "Of course! But can you make the decision for your man? What if he disagrees?"

Ning Xi raised her eyebrows in question. "Did I say that my man will be the one who'll fight you?"

"Then, what about the fight? What are you playing at?!" raged the man.

Ning Xi led Little Treasure to sit down nearby. "My dear, close your eyes and count to 100 before opening them again."

Little Treasure was worried about his mother, but he trusted her and closed his eyes obediently.

Ning Xi kissed Little Treasure on his cheek, then she turned around and looked at the childs father defiantly. "I mean...Im fighting you."

"You? Hahahahaha" The man guffawed as if he had just heard the worlds best joke.

The parents and teachers around were confused as well.

"Is this lady crazy?"

"Who knows?! What is she trying to do?"

"Wheres the security? Why arent they here yet?! Things are getting out of hand!"

Ning Xi had no time to lose, so she taunted, "Well, Ive been trained in kung fu ever since I was a child, Mr. Sun. Are you afraid of me? If so, then apologize to my son and get lost! Stop wasting my time!"

"Me? Afraid? Okay, everyones witnessing this. Im not bullying you, youre the one looking for trouble!" The man was totally fired up and his ego was sky high.

The onlookers looked at Ning Xi as if she was mentally not right. Earlier, they were worried for her, but now, it seemed like she was not sane

Trained in kung fu since she was a child? With her cute looks, was it just some self-defense skills she had picked up?

The man shrugged off his jacket and all his big muscles were flexing through his black tank top. "Everyone else, back off. Ill not be responsible if I accidentally injure anyone!"

Everyone quickly backed away at his warning.

The man got into his fighting stance, then he kept on shuffling his feet. To everyone watching, he seemed experienced in boxing.

"Please calm down, Madam Lu! You cant do this! Come back! What if youre hurt?!! How can I explain this to your husband?! Mr. Sun, stop it, okay? Well give you another big bear!"

The teacher tried to persuade the two adults and failed. Eventually, she put her effort into calling the security guards and contacting Lu Tingxiao.

"Get her, Father! Beat her up!" yelled the child.

"Haaa" roared the man, launching into his attack.

Everyones hearts lurched in their throats...

Ning Xi did not move. Only after the man headed towards her did she use her injured leg as her support and pivoted her other foot to attack like an arrow.

Bam! No one saw what actually happened, but in the flash of an eye, the mans huge body lay sprawled out on the floor, a bloody tooth clattering a short distance away from him

Everyone was speechless.

She had executed a one-hit KO move.

The moment Ning Xi had kicked the childs father, Lu Tingxiao received the teachers call, so he quickly returned...

...just in time to see his wife almost kill a man, even though she had promised to wait for him obediently

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