Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 716

Ning Xueluo's lips curled downwards. "Something must have happened when he went to meet Ning Xi!"

"Maybe Ning Xi seduced him and made him do that"

Ning Xueluo replied impatiently, "Do you understand the impact of this matter? Hu Hongda has lost all his pride and dignity by hosting this press conference! No matter how powerful Ning Xi is, she could never have made Hu Hongda do this!"

"Then, why did he?" Fang Ya was lost like a little lamb.

"Could Ming Fangfang have realized the truth and forced him to do so?" Ning Xueluo thought about the possibility of it. Although the logic of such a situation was weak, Ning Xueluo could not think of anything else.

"Then...then, what should I do? Xueluo, you cannot leave me alone! Im really done for!"

Ning Xueluo felt disgusted with her and wanted to abandon her right away, but she was afraid that Fang Ya might try to destroy her reputation in the aftermath. "Since youre at this stage and you can't contact him, go straight to his house. Even if he doesnt care about you, his parents would not be so heartless!"

"Youre right! How could I not have thought of this?! After all, Im still bearing his child! His mother is crazy about wanting a grandchild!" Fang Yas eyes were full of hope.

In the evening, at the entrance of the Hu residence.

"Madam, you cant leave!"

"Fangfang, what are you doing? Lets talk this out!"

"My dear, please dont leave me, please! Forgive me once again, Ill do whatever you want!"

Ming Fangfang looked at the man she once loved, and then at her mother-in-law whom she had been treating like her real mother. "Mother, Im not looking for trouble, Im just really tired. Im sorry, Ive decided to divorce Hongda!"

"Fangfang, are you only going to change your mind if I kneel down in front of you?" Madam Elder Hu started to kneel.

Ming Fangfang quickly stopped her. "Mother, stop! I can't take this!"

Madam Elder Hu slapped Hu Honda. "Bastard, kneel down to Fangfang now!"

Hu Hongda knelt down instantly, his head hanging low. "My dear, if you dont forgive me, then Ill kneel here forever! Ive realized my mistake now. I cant live without you!"

"Fangfang! Please give Hongda another chance! If he makes a mistake again, Ill not let him get away with it!"

Although she knew that they were acting desperate for the benefit of the company and that they urgently needed help from the Ming family, they had been married for so many years after all and she could not let him go

At that moment, Ming Fangfang was struggling to decide. "Mother, I"

Maybe after this incident, he would really change. He was the man she chose after all

Suddenly, a womans voice called out from the back, "Hongda!"

Ming Fangfang turned around, her face draining of all color. Fang Ya

Seeing how Ming Fangfang was about to change her mind and Fang Ya suddenly appearing, Hu Hongda really wanted to kill his mistress. He went up to her angrily and raised his hand, trembling in anger. "Who let you come here?!"

Fang Ya was not afraid at all as she stepped forward. "Hit me! Hit me hard! Kill me along with the baby in my womb! I have nowhere to go now, I dont mind dying! I just feel sorry for my child. Our child, abandoned before it is even born! Abandoned by its own father!"

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