Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 717

Hu Hongda glanced at Fang Yas belly and he paused.

Madam Elder Hu went up to her and held Fang Ya hands in disbelief. "What?! She...shes your mistress?"

Hu Hongda looked crushed and he slowly nodded sadly.

Madam Elder Hu stared at Fang Yas swollen belly before she touched it. "A pointy stomach...it must be a boy!"

Fang Ya beamed proudly. "Hi Aunty, Ive been going to a private hospital for checkups and the doctor said its a boy! Heres the report, look!"

"Its a boy! Good!" Madam Elder Hu looked at the report, her face instantly perking up. "How far along are you now?"

"About four months," Hu Hongda replied.

"What do you mean about? It is! You dont even remember what you did?"

Ming Fangfang, who had been sidelined, looked at the three of them silently, not knowing how to react.

Madam Elder Hu finally remembered Ming Fangfang was still there, so she went up to her and gently said, "Fangfang, don't you worry. Youre my only daughter-in-law. I would never acknowledge this woman!"

Fang Ya almost wanted to kick up a fuss then and there, but she stopped herself. Madam Elder Hu looked really overjoyed about her baby. She did not believe for a second that they would just abandon her.

Madam Elder Hu continued, "But, her baby is Hongdas child after all. Not having an heir is one of the worst things that could happen to a family. Youve unable to bear a child for so many years. Im really troubled as well since I wouldnt know how to explain this to our ancestors after I die!

"I've got a possible solution. This child will be born! Afterwards, youll take care of him! We could just give this woman some money as her reward for helping our Hu family"

Ming Fangfang stood there silently while holding her luggage

She was going to take care of the mistress's child?

The mistress was helping the Hu family?

Fang Ya was thinking about the reward she might receive. Was it monetary? It would be best if she could enter the Hu family, but since the Hus needed the Mings, it was impossible for them to get a divorce now. Nevertheless, it would be great if she could get a hefty sum of money!

However, the Hu family was on the brink of bankruptcy now. Were they able to afford the payout?

Everything would be alright...Ming Fangfang was rich! She was doing her a favor by giving birth to a child! Plus, since Ming Fangfang was unable to bear a child, everything belonging to the Hus would eventually become her sons!

Ming Fangfang looked at Hu Hongda rationally and asked, "Hongda, what do you think?"

Seeing how calm she was, Hu Hongda felt that she was ready to accept this solution. "I...I agree with Mothers suggestion. Weren't you looking for a surrogate mother? Now, the problems solved! I dont want you to go through the pain of giving birth, my dear!"

Fang Ya piped up, "Although I will really miss my son and Hongda, I wont trouble Hongda. I will leave after I give birth."

Ming Fangfang nodded. "Good."

Hu Hongda, Madam Elder Hu and Fang Ya were relieved to hear her approval. "Fangfang, so youre agreeing to this arrangement?"

The next moment, a white car stopped right in front of the Hu residence. A chauffeur opened the door and took Ming Fangfangs luggage while greeting her jovially, "Miss!"

Ming Fangfang handed her luggage over and got into the car without even looking back.

Hu Hongda was dumbfounded. "Dear...what are you doing?"

Ming Fangfang glanced at him and Fang Ya serenely. "Both of you dont have to be so considerate of me. Ill grant you your wish. Chauffeur Zhang, lets go."

"Yes, Miss!"

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