Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 718

Ning Xi gave Ling Zhizhi a call while scrolling through the comments online. Because she had to rush to the school earlier, she sent Ling Zhizhi a text that she had settled the matter and that the information that Ling Zhizhi had retrieved could now be published.

"Hello, Sis Zhizhi!"

"Are you still busy? Did you see this press conference video already?"

"I saw it! This matter should be all solved now, shouldn't it? Is there anything else?"

"Yes, thats all." Ling Zhizhi sounded hesitant to say something. "Ning Xi, you"

She was intrigued to know what Ning Xi did to make Hu Hongda go out of his way to clarify to the public.

"Don't fret, Sis Zhizhi, I didnt do anything illegal or anything against my principles. I actually asked Lu Jingli for help, but Im not sure what he actually did." Ning Xi conveniently dropped Lu Jinglis name in the conversation. After all, he was made for these situations.

Ling Zhizhi had expected her to look for Lu Jingli, but she was still a little worried. It was such a big scandal and the consequences to Hu Hongda were severe. He could not have gone to such lengths even if Lu Jingli himself handled this matter.

Hu Hongda had lost all his pride and his company share prices were dropping drastically.

During the press conference, Hu Hongdas attitude was questionable. He repeatedly clarified that he had no ties with Ning Xi and he kept on apologizing to Ning Xi on screen.

She wondered how had Lu Jingli achieved all this. At that point, Ling Zhizhis previous concern rose again

She knew that Ning Xi and Lu Jingli had ties, but were they getting too close to each other? Lu Jingli scouted many other people personally as well, but he had never treated them as well as he did to Ning Xi

If both of them developed that kind of relationship

"Ah!" As Ning Xi was still talking to Ling Zhizhi, her body suddenly floated up and she was shocked.

"Ning Xi, what's happened?!" Ling Zhizhi asked.

Ning Xi glared angrily at Lu Tingxiao who had just lifted her up suddenly. "Its alright, I almost dropped my glass!"

"Alright, then Ill continue my work. Well talk more in detail when we meet in my office."

"Okay, goodbye, Sis Zhizhi!"

Ning Xi ended the call and snapped, "Lu Tingxiao, what are you doing?"

Lu Tingxiao did not say anything. Instead, he held her in his arms and went straight towards the bed.

Ning Xi blinked at Lu Tingxiao. "Big bad wolf, are you going to eat Little Red Riding Hood up?"

Lu Tingxiao glanced at her, then he put her on the bed and flipped her skirt up.

Ning Xi backed away and gasped, "Hey! Lu Tingxiao, are you for real? This isnt good. Little Treasure is here!"

Lu Tingxiao looked at the cute girl with the puffy skirt still on her and drawled, "So, its okay if Little Treasure isnt here?"

"Ugh" She had fallen into her own trap again.

Lu Tingxiao continued to tug at her skirt and Ning Xi panicked.

Ignoring her efforts to struggle, Lu Tingxiao had already flipped her skirt up, exposing her wound on her thigh which had opened up and blood was soaking through the bandage

Ning Xi cried

She was done for!

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