Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 721

At Chang Lis office in Starlight Entertainment.

Ning Xueluo tossed a stack of newspapers onto Chang Lis face. "Trash!"

The newspaper headlines screamed: [Secret Revealed: Hu Hongdas Cheating Scandal, Ning Xueluo is the Biggest Winner!]

Hu Hongdas cheating scandal was announced two days ago, but the direction of the gossip had already shifted. Aside from the keyboard warriors and celebrity fans, there were still a lot of sane and smart people on the internet. The incident might have appeared normal, but after some research, it was not so simple after all.

On the surface, due to Fang Yas conflict with Ning Xi, she had picked Ning Xi as her target to frame, but if Ning Xis reputation was destroyed, the person who would benefit the most would be Ning Xueluo.

Ning Xis popularity was rising quickly, becoming even more popular than the main actress, Ning Xueluo. Ning Xueluos fans started messing with her but in the end, Jiang Muyes fans fought back for Ning Xi.

Soon after, some unproven rumors about Ning Xi being Hu Hongdas mistress started to circulate, then Hu Hongda spoke up Weibo personally

Was this series of incidents really a coincidence? Was Ning Xi just unlucky?

Could Fang Ya have been ordered by Ning Xueluo? They always seemed to be close to each other!

Not only that, Ning Xueluo maintained a low profile for some time in hopes that people would forget the incident when she framed Ning Xi, but it was all being brought up again and people started to suspect that the assistant involved at that time had been ordered by her

"What are you doing? Why didnt you stop the news from spreading? Even then newspapers are writing about it!" Ning Xueluo yelled angrily.

"You...you cant blame me! You were so confident and you even said that there would be no problem, so I didnt pay much attention. Who'd have known that things would turn out this way overnight?!"

"Of course, Im confident there'll be no evidence! If I left any, do you think Id be standing here yelling at you? The point is, their comments dont need any proof at all!"

"Should I sue the newspapers for defamation? But...they are careful with their words, surely they worded them ambiguously and we cant do anything about the comments online"

"Delete as many online posts as you can, just leave the published newspapers. Stop the other newspapers from publishing any more negative news about me!"

At the same time, Ning Xi was bringing a big bouquet of beautiful balloons and flowers to the office.

Ling Zhizhi was busy, so when she heard someone knocking on her door, she replied without even looking up, "Come in."

Footsteps were heard, then a big bouquet of fresh mint-colored balloons and bright flowers were nudged right in front of her. Ling Zhizhi was surprised. "What"

Ning Xi smiled at her and gently said, "Sis Zhizhi, they are for you!"

Ling Zhizhi returned her a smile as well. "Thank you."

She forgot when was the last time she had received flowers. Her insomnia and fatigue went away the moment she saw the fresh flowers and the girls lovely smile.

"Right, Sis Zhizhi, when I was looking through Weibo this morning, many people suspected that Hu Hongdas incident is related to Ning Xueluo. Even a few mainstream media sources reported it...were you behind this? Actually, I thought about it before, but I have no evidence!"

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