Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 730

Cook was polite and reserved when talking to Su Yimo, but his attitude changed when he saw Ning Xi. Almost immediately, his tone turned passionate and he gave her a big hug the moment he saw her.

Ning Xi had stayed in America for four years, so she was used to their way of greeting people. Returning his hug, she exclaimed, "Long time no see!"

"Oh, my dear, why" Cook suddenly gaped at her in surprise.

Ning Xi blinked at him. "What is it?"

"My dear, you look more beautiful than before!" Cook enthused.

Ning Xi laughed. "Dear Director, arent you good at giving girls compliments?"

Cook looked at her genuinely. "Oh, no, no, you really look more beautiful now. Wait, specifically, youve got more charisma. Tell me, are you in love?"

Ning Xi was floored. What was happening? Did this guy have some special eyes?

"Director Cook, youre really good with jokes!" Ning Xi carefully glanced at Ling Zhizhi, casually making up an excuse.

Cook did not press further on her love life and Ling Zhizhi did not notice anything as well.

"Then, Ill see you later, sweetie. I've got a strong hunch that everyone will be surprised by you!"

"See you later, thank you!"

Su Yimo and Liang Biqin could not hear what their conversation was about, but Cook and Ning Xis intimacy was apparent.

Su Yimos expression darkened.

Liang Biqin was upset as well. "Why is that woman so close to Director Cook?"

"Seems like they're a little too close!" suggested one of the female artistes.

Liang Biqin sneered, "I was wondering how she got invited. Ling Zhizhi could not have possibly gotten her an invitation card...this witch, shes getting better and better with men!"

Su Yimo glared at her annoyedly. "Stop talking nonsense. Dont forget what I told you."

Her cousin was too impulsive and was unable to control her emotions well. Everyone in the industry knew that she was Su Yimos cousin, so whatever she said might indirectly affect Su Yimos reputation.

"Im sorry, I just couldnt stand her irritating vibes!" Liang Biqin mumbled.

"Sis Yimo, youre just too nice. I wouldnt be able to stand always getting compared to her"


Moments later, the conference started.

Nobles founder gave a brief introduction to the core idea of their latest product and their future marketing plans. Then, with Su Yimo taking the lead, the big shots from the entertainment industry started voicing out their opinions.

In response to an interview, Su Yimo expressed, "Ive always liked Nobles products. Im impressed by their creativity and Im really honored to be invited to this conference"

"Yimo, I heard Director Cook wanted you to be the ambassador initially, but unfortunately, youre unable to comply due to your contract with Chanel. Is that true?" asked a journalist.

Su Yimo smiled. "Thats unfortunate indeed."

The journalist pointed his mic at Director Cook and asked, "Director Cook mustve felt disappointed as well!"

Cook replied immediately, "Not at all, its my luck! This could be described as a blessing disguised as a misfortune! Im really satisfied with my ambassador this time around. Shes amazing!"

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