Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 734

When they heard this question, everyone present had a stunned expression on their faces, their thoughts immediately straying towards the possibility of an ambiguous relationship...

The reporter paused, then added, "Before this, I received insider information that the ambassadorship had been decided to be awarded to Starlight's Miss Li Yueling. Why did it suddenly changed to Ning Xi? Was there some kind of an immoral exchange in between?"

The reporter's words were already very blatant, every word was aimed to accuse that Ning Xi had surpassed Li Yueling through unspoken rules!

Instantly, the crowd started to buzz!

Su Yimo, who had initially suppressed her annoyance, relaxed slightly.

Liang Biqin looked excited and almost bounced in her seat. "I knew it was like this!"

In the backseat, Li Yueling crossed her arms over her chest and looked at Ning Xueluo delightedly. It was obvious that she had arranged that reporter as a mole.

"Let's pose this question to Director Cook and Miss Ning Xi to answer all of us," the reporter craftily said towards Ning Xi.

Everyone's lenses and eyes were focused on Ning Xi, either out of excitement or out of the need for gossip. They attempted to catch her distressed and embarrassed emotions.

Yet, facing such serious accusations in such a sudden situation, Ning Xi's expression had not budged. Instead, she took over the microphone and look coldly towards the reporter who had instigated her and fearlessly said, "You're right, I admit that the competition this time was indeed very intense. When I found out that I had passed through the initial selection from my manager, I was pleasantly surprised myself.

"To this reporter, I would like to ask, with such intense competition and my going through the normal audition to be selected, is there a causation effect? Do you think that because the competition was intense, I definitely shouldn't have gotten through the auditions?

"Other than that, I wonder who you got such inside information from? Based on some feeble info, you accused me of such a serious action like immoral means. Do you think it's appropriate?

If the person sitting here today wasn't me and was someone else, could I use such an unreasonable reason based on inside information to question them?"

Ning Xi threw the three questions one after another, each one harsher than the previous. The reporter was rendered speechless.

That reporter looked embarrassed, then said with an unyielding tone, "As a reporter, we have the right to question logically and discover the truth for the public! Besides, everyone saw your and Director Cook's ambiguous intimacy earlier!"

"Huh, ambiguous intimacy? It was just a normal hug between friends and colleagues but you think that was ambiguous? Do you know the saying that the eyes see what the heart thinks? Are you executing your rights or are you using it to defame and slander?" Ning Xi asked.

"You're twisting the truth!" the reporter said as he suddenly smiled cunningly, then he took out a stack of pictures from his bag to distribute among everyone present, including Ning Xi and Cook.

"I have evidence! These pictures...how do you explain them?"

Ning Xi looked at the pictures. They were some behind-the-scenes interaction from when she had shot the advertisement in Country M with Cook.

However, the angle the photographer had taken the shot from was very peculiar. Cook was only emotionally patting her shoulder, but from that angle, it looked like they were hugging closely. In fact, some of the photos even looked like they were kissing...

Instantly, all the guests and reporters present were agitated and they all looked at Ning Xi in disgust.

"I thought the auditions would be very fair. Who knew a big shot like this would have scandals too?"

"How embarrassing!"


At the same, when everyone was distracted, Ling Zhizhi had already quietly found the director's assistant backstage and whispered something into her ear before passing her a USB flash drive.

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