Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 738

The devil still looked very unhappy.

Ning Xi hardened her resolve and leaned over him to kiss him on the lips again. "My dear, we're just dating but it feels like we're cheating. Don't you think it's very exciting?"

Lu Tingxiao's gaze darkened further as he pulled her head down to kiss her hard.

This beast! Wasn't she being too confident about his self-restraint?

Ning Xi was panicked by the incessant doorbell ringing as she tousled the guy's hair to console him patiently. "Mmm...okay, okay...if we continue, I'll be exposed. No, no. Not here! Don't bite!"

Lu Tingxiao was panting slightly as he restrained himself from the impulse of leaving any marks on her.

"Coming, coming!" Ning Xi called out as she whispered into Lu Tingxiao's ear, "Be good, I'll come back to help you later..."

Lu Tingxiao stiffened immediately.

Ning Xi looked at him quietly with eyes as clear as a reflective lake. "What I didn't finish saying earlier was that...Big Boss, despite all that, you're different, you're special!"

Then, without a care for whatever waves her words had caused in Lu Tingxiao's heart, she ran off to the living room to open the door for Ling Zhizhi.

She looked around to see if she had left any traces of his presence as she poured a drink for Ling Zhizhi.

Ling Zhizhi took the cup with a serious expression. "Don't busy yourself. Sit down. I came over suddenly because I have something to tell you."

Ning Xi observed Ling Zhizhi's expression and asked, "Bad news?"

"Nevermind," Ling Zhizhi paused, then said, "Didn't you take fancy to a script the last time?"

"Yeah! It's called 'I Only Like You'. It's the one where the girl dresses up as a guy. What's wrong? Is there an issue?" Ning Xi asked quickly.

"Initially, there were still a few days of auditions for this show and the director also agreed to let you have a go earlier. But just now, I just received news that the other party has directly decided on Liang Biqin as the female lead!"

"What?" Ning Xi frowned. "Is it confirmed?"

Ling Zhizhi nodded. "Yes, when I called to ask, they said that the contract has even been signed. Otherwise, I would definitely have helped you fight for it."

"So soon..." Ning Xi was very disappointed.

It was like saving up enough money to buy a much anticipated toy, yet just when she had saved up a piggy bank full of money, the toy had been bought by someone else with a 100 dollar bill.

At the same time at a certain bar in Imperial, happy vibes were all around.

"Thank you, Director Zheng and Producer Qian. Please take care of Biqin!"

"Thank you, Director. Thank you, Producer Qian and thank you, cousin. I will definitely work hard!" Liang Biqin said emotionally.

"It's nothing. Miss Liang, you have the capabilities. We are just strengthening this alliance!"

"Exactly! Besides, Goddess Su has helped us pulled so many big shot cameos. Our show will have one of the history's strongest artiste appearances and will definitely sell well. That's profit in the bank!"

Liang Biqin served the director some alcohol as she asked, "I heard that Ling Zhizhi also contacted you. It seems like someone's interested to fight for this character too."

"Yes, they contacted me about half a month ago saying that they were very interested in our show. I just agreed to let Ning Xi audition. Actually, I was just casually agreeing to it, but Ning Xi will not suit our show's female lead, no matter what!"

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