Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 743

The next morning, Lu Tingxiao went over to fetch Ning Xi. Seeing the girl standing by the entrance, his expressionless face became warmer.

Ning Xi usually wore casual outfits and sometimes even manly outfits. However, today she wore a fluffy pink dress with a thick, white down hooded jacket. Her slightly wavy hair had been straightened and she wore the pink heart-shaped crystal hairpin Little Treasure had given her. She even had a pair of pink boots with rabbit ears on her feet

In a nutshell, she looked exactly like an obedient little bunny!

"You" Because this outfit contrasted greatly with her personality, Lu Tingxiao had no words to describe her.

Ning Xi hopped over and clung onto Lu Tingxiaos arm. "Lu Tingxiao, do I look cute?"

Lu Tingxiao coughed lightly, his gaze focused on the girls cherry pink lips. "Cute indeed. Why did you suddenly dress this way?"

"Mmm, its our first official date. Of course, Im going to dress up!"

She sure dressed up well

After they went down, Cheng Feng opened the door, flabbergasted when he saw the "little bunny" beside Lu Tingxiao!

What the heck!?

Was something wrong with the lady boss today?

Her outfit was so cute! So cute and girlish! It was nothing like her at all! People who did not know her would definitely be charmed by her but those who did would be shocked!

Cheng Feng was the latter. He calmed himself down and drove the car to Lu Tingxiaos private flying strip.

Ning Xi looked at the helicopter in front of them in amazement. "Were taking a flight? Where are we going?"

"Youll see soon." Lu Tingxiao carefully helped her up the helicopter.

After 20 minutes, they landed on an open grass area. A private car welcomed them as they touched down. The drive was very luxurious and comfortable, the sceneries along the way soothing to sight.

On the journey, Ning Xi saw the facilities here. There was a golf course, a horse paddock, hot springs, a shooting range, and even a ski track

She loved everything here!

Lu Tingxiao saw her face sticking to the window in excitement and he gently put her head on his shoulder.

Ning Xi pulled on his sleeve and looked up at him with sparkly eyes. "Boss, it looks really fun here. Are we really only here for the scenery?


"...Lu Tingxiao, did you hear that?"


"The sound of my heart breaking."

Lu Tingxiao was speechless.

Seeing the girls disappointment, Lu Tingxiao sighed to the driver, "Go to the horse paddock."

Ning Xi was brimming with excitement. Horse riding! She loved horse riding!

After arriving, Ning Xi looked at the stables excitedly. She wanted to get on the wildest horse!

There was already a group of people at the stables and the owner was helping them to select their horses to ride.

Suddenly, one of the good-looking guys from the group stared in their direction. "Wow! Lu Tingxiao!"

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