Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 748

Everyone else averted their gazes and coughed lightly.

What a rare sight! Lu Tingxiao had always been known for being cold and heartless, but that was only because he had not met anyone who could melt his heart before!

Their curiosity was piqued. What power did this little bunny possess that could have charmed Lu Tingxiao to this extent!?

Ning Xi realized that everyone was staring at her. She also felt a particularly cold gaze on her

Ning Xi glanced at Guan Ziyao, then she asked Lu Tingxiao with her index finger to her chin in contemplation, "Whats your relationship to Guan Ziyao?"

"Our family was close when we were little. We sort of grew up together," Lu Tingxiao answered honestly without hiding anything.

Ning Xi purposely drawled, "Oh...so the both of you are childhood friends?"

Lu Tingxiao nodded. "I guess."

Ning Xi pouted in anger. "Hey, Lu Tingxiao! Im being jealous right now, can't you tell? Why arent you saying anything else!?"

Lu Tingxiao was surprised. "Youre...jealous?"

"Of course! Your friends and your little cousin, they all think that Guan Ziyao is a better match for you. They feel that youre like an exotic flower being paired with bullsh*t like me!" Ning Xi grumbled.

She had forgotten but now she remembered who exactly Guan Ziyao was.

The Guans and the Lus were considered prestigious families in Imperial, but due to some issues with their business, the Guans had to focus on the overseas market. Nevertheless, their development was growing steadily.

Every rumor about Guan Ziyao revolved around her beauty and talents; all her ratings were extremely positive. She did match Lu Tingxiao well.

Lu Tingxiao was taken in by Ning Xis jealousy and he looked her in the eye with an amused expression. "How could you say that? To me, youre the sea, youre the forest."

Ning Xi tilted her head sideways in confusion. "Why?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her like she was the star in the skies, he told her quietly, "I love you, like how the fish loves the sea, like how the birds love the forest. Theres no use escaping, its unavoidable."

At that moment, an impressive display of fireworks went off in Ning Xis mind

His flirtatious words...were simply tugging on her heart strings!

Suddenly, there was a loud crash as Guan Ziyaos teacup fell on the floor.

Lu Xinyan quickly asked, "Whats wrong, Sis Ziyao?"

Guan Ziyaos face went pale and she shook her head. "Its nothing."

The others could not hear what Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi were saying at that distance. But she could read lips and she had been looking at them.

Like how the fish loves the sea, like how the birds love the forest. Lu Tingxiao had actually said such lines to a woman...

Mo Lingtian did not realize what had happened, so he went up to Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi after some rest. "Hey, Lu Tingxiao, we are about to go to the shooting range. Are you joining us?"

Shooting! Guns! Guns!!!

Ning Xis eyes were shining like a 500 watt light bulb. She could not ride because her leg was injured! But for shooting, she only needed her hands!

"Alright, I know. I shouldnt have asked you!" Mo Lingtian turned to Ning Xi to ask, "Little bunny, do you want to go?"

Ning Xi nodded her head like a woodpecker making a hole in a tree as she pulled on Lu Tingxiaos sleeves. "My dear Master, may I pleeease go?"


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