Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 749

After they reached there, Ning Xi was surprised. She did not expect the shooting range to be that big. It was about 1500 square feet and there were two standard multipurpose shooting ranges, each of them equipped with nine professionally designed targets. Plus, their collection of guns was incredibly complete.

There was even a weapon exhibition on display with a myriad of handguns, rifles, machine guns, and more. Some soldiers also went there often for target practice.

Ning Xi was just looking everywhere but in front of her. Had it not been for Lu Tingxiao leading her, she would have already crashed into a pole.

Lu Tingxiaos cousin was right when she said he pampered Ning Xi too much. She always left her brain at home whenever she went out with Lu Tingxiao. In fact, she would just follow Lu Tingxiao's every step.

As they reached the shooting range, Mo Lingtian picked out a gun of his choice, intent on revenge. "Ziyao, lets do another round of contest again! I lost at horse riding but Ill get back at you in shooting!"

"Count me in!"

"Me too!"

Mo Lingtians bunch of friends were balanced in terms of gender. While the guys were had a strong interest in firearms, the girls were not completely clueless about them either. There were only two of them who were asking around for advice on which gun to choose.

They soon finished selecting their guns, then they put on their protective glasses and earmuffs, ready to start shooting.

Bang bang bang! Shots were fired and each of their scores appeared on the tally counter. The maximum points one could achieve was 10 points and the counter would calculate up to one decimal place.

Most people get around 8 points while the experienced guys got about 9.

Lu Xinyan got a 9.2 and she was really happy. "I actually got above 9! How lucky!"

As she turned around, she gaped at Mo Lingtians and Guan Ziyaos scores. They both got the same score of 9.9 points. What a remarkable achievement!

"Wow! Bro Tian, Sis Ziyao, you both are so good at this!"

Finally, the scores for their set of three attempts were out. Mo Lingtian came in at 9.9, 9.7, and 9.8 while Guan Ziyao got two 9.9's and one 9.7. She had beaten Mo Lingtian by a mere 0.1 point difference.

Of course, Guan Ziyaos score was the highest among everyone's. Some of them were thoroughly impressed.

"As expected of her! Marvelous!"

"Ziyao, youre really making us men feel ashamed!"

Mo Lingtian complained, "Damn! I lost again! This doesnt count, lets do it again!"

Everyone was laughing, "Hahaha! Mo Lingtian, stop struggling! Among us probably only Lu Tingxiao has a chance at beating Ziyao!"

Mo Lingtian turned to Lu Tingxiao and exclaimed, "Lu Tingxiao! What are you doing? Join us!"


The bunny ears on Ning Xis boots fell off, so Lu Tingxiao squatted down on the floor and helped to fix them for her

Mo Lingtians mouth twitched as he saw this lovey-dovey scene.

Ning Xi heard them inviting Lu Tingxiao, so she looked at him in surprise. "Boss, are you good at shooting? Come, lets see who's better!"

She then grabbed Lu Tingxiao excitedly.

"Hey, little bunny, you know how to shoot too?" Mo Lingtian asked in surprise.

Ning Xi answered him boldly, "Of course! Im good at it!"

Bang! She took aim and shot the target board.

After a moment, the counter displayed her score: 6.3 points


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