Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 752

Mo Lingtian was anxious since he promised Lu Tingxiao to look after Ning Xi. He thought that Lu Tingxiao was just being paranoid but who'd expect that something like this would happen in just a few minutes of his absence!

"No! This is nonsense!" Mo Lingtian quickly tried to stop them.

Guan Ziyao glared at him. "Lingtian, dont interfere."

"How can I not interfere? Ziyao, she was just messing around. Dont do this!" Mo Lingtian tried to convince her.

Ning Xi pouted and grumbled, "Im not messing around! Im serious about this!"

At that moment, Mo Lingtian wanted to shoot himself in the head! Damn it! Just let me die!

He had tried so hard to help her, yet she was making things worse!

This woman that Lu Tingxiao liked...apparently, no one could fathom her logic and common sense

"Bro Tian, you can see for yourself. She suggested it and no ones messing around. Its between us women, dont you interfere!" Lu Xinyan was afraid that Mo Lingtian would ruin this chance, so she quickly pushed him aside.

Apart from the worried Mo Lingtian, everyone else was excited about what was about to happen. However, it did not seem very interesting since the results were predictable.

"I dont think this woman would be this stupid. Could she just be acting?" someone mumbled on the side.

"She? Acting?"

"Even if her shot just now was a mistake, she could not be all that great! Shes not competing against Lu Xinyan now. Its Guan Ziyao! It probably wasnt even her full power when she was competing against Mo Lingtian just now!"

"Thats true, then this would probably end up really terribly!"

"You first!" Ning Xi said.

Guan Ziyao did not say anything and just put on her protective glasses and earmuffs. She held up her gun and aimed at the target.

Her pose was clean and sharp. She obviously had many years of experience.

Lu Xinyan glanced at Ning Xi. "Sis Ziyao has been training target shooting for about 10 years. Youll never be able to beat her! All the best, Sis Ziyao!"

Guan Ziyao closed her eyes and took a deep breath, trying to focus. Even though Ning Xi looked weak, this was about Lu Tingxiao and so, she would not allow any mistakes to happen.

Everyone stayed still their breath bated and even Lu Xinyan quieted down as well.

Ning Xi slumped on the table and yawned.

After a moment, Guan Ziyao opened her eyes.




Three shots were fired consecutively.

Everyone quickly went over and check Guan Ziyaos score.

Everyone was stunned.

First shot: 9.9 points

Second shot: 10 points

Third shot: 10 points

One 9.9 and two full scores! Amazing! This was practically professional skills!

"Oh my God! Sis Ziyao, youre the best! Terrific! Youre my idol!" Lu Xinyan gushed excitedly.

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