Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 754

The girl was looking at him in the eye nervously. "Lu Tingxiao, am I not great? Praise me!"

Lu Tingxiaos expression was as dark as a thundercloud.

He had just stepped away for a little while and she already stirred up trouble. Now, she was asking for praises?!

"Mmm, youre the best," Lu Tingxiao replied.

He simply could not resist those eyes of hers

Looking at both Ning Xi and Guan Ziyaos score, Lu Tingxiao pinched the area between his eyebrows.

Just how courageous was this girl?

Even with her personality like this, she was still as charming as ever

His heart could not take the moment when she went up to him and told him, "Id never lose you!" He was bound to be with her forever!

For entertainment's sake, the counter at the shooting range had special settings. If someone got three 10 points consecutively, it would play a celebratory tune and there would be an announcement of the targets that earned a perfect score.

As soon as Ning Xi finished her set, there was a loud upbeat tune and the announcement of her perfect streak.

All the other customers including Lu Xinyan, Mo Lingtian, and Guan Ziyao were stunned.

The shooting range was set up professionally. In addition to using real guns and bullets, most guests were either really passionate about guns or even professionals, and it was extremely rare for someone to get a perfect score.

Ning Xis streak had caused quite a commotion. Guan Ziyaos high score was already amazing enough but all of them froze when the saw Ning Xis score.

Mo Lingtian could not believe it. "What? Are you kidding me?"

Guan Ziyao looked lost, unable to accept the result.

Lu Xinyan held the counter for a closer look. "How is this possible!? Does the counter have a problem? It must have an issue! Wheres the manager? Please check this machine!"

Ning Xi rolled her eyes at her dramatics as she picked up the gun and released another three shots.

Another celebratory tune was played, followed by the perfect streak announcement. "Second shooting range, ninth target, perrrrfect score!"

Everyone was speechless.

The first time her streak was announced, everyone was impressed but they were shocked when they heard it for the second time.

What the heck!?

What was happening!?

Was this for real?

It was difficult enough for professionals to get a perfect score consecutively!

A large crowd started gathering around to see who was this immaculate marksman.

"Hey, are you guys here to see who is it from the announcement?"

"Yeah! Thats amazing! Could it be from some special operations team?"

"I have no idea, the ninth target...theres just a lady in pink shirt holding a gun now. Could the person who achieved the perfect score have left?"

As everyone was making wild guesses, an old man in his fifties dressed in a casual outfit passed by with a young soldier beside him.

"Ask around who the shooter was," the man ordered the young soldier, his eyes looking sharply everywhere like a hawk.

"Yes, Chief!"

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