Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 755

Another triple 10 points

Mo Lingtian gulped anxiously. The little bunny he was looking at suddenly became a monster in his eyes. As he was trying to make sense of what had just happened, he heard someone calling him.

"Master Mo...Master Mo"

Mo Lingtian turned around, surprised to see a young soldier in his uniform. "Arent you the security for Uncle Zhuang, Xiao Chen?"

"Yes, thats me!" Xiao Chen nodded.

"Whats up?" Mo Lingtian asked.

"I have something to ask. Master Mo, were you here since just now?" Xiao Chen asked.

"Yeap, I was."

"Great! Do you know who got that perfect streak on the ninth target?" Xiao Chen queried.

Mo Lingtian raised his eyebrows. So, he was here to ask about this...

"Of course I do. Its that girl!" Mo Lingtian told him, vaguely nodding his head in a direction.

"A girl?" Xiao Chen was taken aback.

Mo Lingtian nodded. "Yeah!"

He was already surprised by the fact that it was a girl. What would happen if he knew exactly which girl?

"Who is it? The lady in black?" Xiao Chen looked around and asked about Guan Ziyao.

Mo Lingtian smirked. "Youre wrong. Its the one in the pink dress, white fluffy coat, and the bunny ear boots!"

"Pink dress...white fluffy coat...bunny ear boots?"

Xiao Chen set his sights on a girl beside a large-set, tall man, then he looked at Mo Lingtian and chuckled. "Dont lie to me, Master Mo! The Chief ordered me to look for the person. Dont joke around with me!"

"Whos joking" Mo Lingtian stopped. "Your Chief is here today?"

"Yes, hes here with a few friends but when he heard the announcement, he left them and came straight here. Its been a while since I've seen him this excited," Xiao Chen said.

Mo Lingtian swiveled around and as expected, he saw a well-built man among the crowd.

"Who is it? Tell me, please! Is it the man beside the girl in the pink dress? That looks like the CEO of Lu Corporation, Lu Tingxiao!" Xiao Chen said.

Mo Lingtian gave him a mysterious smile. "Didnt I tell you? Its that little bunny!"

He patted Xiao Chen on the shoulder. "Ill go over and greet your Chief!"

Xiao Chen stood there without a word, staring at the cute, young girl in disbelief.

How was that possible!? If that little bunny could get six 10 points shots consecutively, then he could have joined the SWAT team!

Mo Lingtian went up to the Chief and greeted him warmly, "Long time no see, Uncle Zhuang!"

"Oh, Lingtian, are you here with friends?"

"Yeah! Uncle Zhuang. I heard from Xiao Chen that youre looking for someone?"

"Mmm." The Chief nodded. "Do you know the person?"

"Of course!" Mo Lingtian then pointed at Ning Xi. "Its the lady beside Lu Tingxiao. Can you see her? I told Xiao Chen but he didnt believe me, so Im here to tell you personally!"

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