Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 757

Zhuang Liaoyuan looked at the target sheet and looked wistful. "This girl is interesting indeed! Back in the day, this was the trick I used to court my wife too!"

"Pfft..." Mo Lingtian looked shocked. "I wouldn't have known! Uncle Zhuang, were you so skilled at picking up girls back then?"

"Of course." Zhuang Liaoyuan's solemn face revealed a barely noticeable delight.

He was old now, so he had to be serious and lead the talents, thus he always had an expression of old-fashioned rigor. When he was younger, he had been very romantic.

"Liangtian, help me introduce us. I want to get to know this child," Zhuang Liaoyuan suddenly said.

"Uhh...okay! Uncle Zhuang, follow me!"

Crap, had he not given up? Never mind, I shall let Lu Tingxiao resolve this by himself...

Mo Lingtian could not reject him, so he led Zhuang Liaoyuan towards Lu Tingxiao and Ning Xi.

When he saw the man beside Mo Lingtian, Lu Tingxiao's eyes dimmed. "Mr. Zhuang."

"Lu Xianzhi, your father, is he healthy and well?"

"Thank you for your concern, all is well with Father."

"Good, good, good..."Probably because military men were more impatient, Zhuang Liaoyuan had barely made a few sentences of small talk before he eagerly turned his gaze towards Ning Xi beside Lu Tingxiao.

"Little girl, those six perfect shots in a row earlier, were they all by you?" When he noticed her timidness, Zhuang Liaoyuan, who was usually cold and serious, had softened his tone unusually and even bent slightly to make his figure not so intimidating.

Ning Xi subconsciously looked at Lu Tingxiao before nodding.

Even though the man who spoke to her had worn a casual outfit and his attitude was very friendly, that cold-blooded aura that belonged to military veterans could not be disguised. In fact, he was obviously someone of high position.

Ning Xi was inevitably much more careful. She watched her words and waited to see what his intentions were.

"Nice, nice, nice....little girl, you're quite amazing! How many years have you trained for?" Zhuang Liaoyuan continued to ask.

"I haven't really trained. When I want to, I'll play around," answered Ning Xi honestly.

Zhuang Liaoyuan was stunned for a while, the light in his eyes shining brighter. "Then, little girl, you have talent! Do you like shooting?"

Ning Xi nodded earnestly. "I do."

"Then, do you want to shoot every day?" Zhuang Liaoyuan's voice was even gentler now.

Xiao Chen was speechless as he watched the usually fearsome Chief try to coax this girl.

The Chief had really given his all to pull in talents...

Lu Tingxiao took notice of Zhuang Liaoyuan's intentions and pulled Ning Xi into his embrace before reminding in a deep voice, "Mr. Zhuang."

This was when Zhuang Liaoyuan cleared his throat and straightened up. He then gave Ning Xi his name card. "Little girl, next time if you want to shoot, you can look for me. This shooting range is not suitable for you. You need something more professional."

"More professional?" Ning Xi peeked at the black name card in her fingers, then tried to test him, "Is it the Northern shooting range?"

Zhuang Liaoyuan nodded. "Yes, the very one."

Ning Xi instantly glowed. That was the most professional shooting range and it was a national level range...In fact, ordinary civilians would have no access to it...

"I hope that we....will have a chance to meet again," Zhuang Liaoyuan said his final words before leaving with regret written all over his face.

After the man left, Ning Xi looked at the name card that only had a name and handphone number printed on it. She asked, "Zhuang Liaoyuan...who is this man?"

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