Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 760

After they left the shooting range, Lu Tingxiao brought Ning Xi to an open space covered in white snow.

Mmm...after being disturbed for so long, they could finally return to their cocoon of two.

Not far away, there was a small house with a glass dome and behind that house was a forest of pine trees. Beside the house was a little road with an adorable Alaskan Malamute dragging a sleigh along it...

Ning Xi marveled at the scene in front of her after they got down from the car. "Wow, it's so pretty here! Almost like a fairy tale world!"

"I'll bring you to a real fairy tale like world when we get a chance."

The resort here was just an imitation of the igloos in Finland.

It had started to snow, so Lu Tingxiao used a thick blanket to wrap her up, then carried her and walked towards the small house.

After he opened the door, Lu Tingxiao put her down carefully. The house was covered in a huge and warm white velvet rug and opposite it was a lit fireplace, radiating warm air.

On top of the rug opposite the fireplace was a coffee table with hot and tasty food, such as crab salad with peanut dressing, banana lemon tarts, Mexican cheese pancakes, Camembert cheese, roast beef with pear reduction, Vietnamese rice paper salmon rolls...every inch of the table was filled up.

Ning Xi was starving after an entire day of fun. Just as her appetite was being whet by the incredibly delicious aroma, Lu Tingxiao suddenly whipped out a bouquet of red roses in a vintage brown lambskin wrap to give to her. "For you."

Ning Xi blinked and accepted it, feeling very flattered. She leaned in to smell it and was met with a cool, crisp fragrance.

It was as if the bouquet of roses had just been cut from its branch. The petals still had trembling dew drops on it and they looked full of passion and life.

Ning Xi randomly thought of the meaning behind red roses.

Mmm...I think red roses represents passionately in love...

Lu Tingxiao quietly watched the girl who hugged the bouquet of roses to her chest, her face even more charming than the flowers. "Do you like it?"

Ning Xi nodded and subconsciously looked up at the glass dome above her. It was warm inside, yet they could watch the blizzard of snow outside. "I like it, its so romantic! Why is everything so grand today?"

She was a little dumbfounded!

"Today is the fifth day of our relationship," answered Lu Tingxiao.

Time really flew by. In a blink of an eye, it was already only two days away from a week's time.

"Uhh, what about the fifth day? Is there some special meaning?" Ning Xi did not really understand the devil's thought process.

Didn't people usually commemorate 100 days, one year, three years, and so on? What did the fifth day mean?

Lu Tingxiao replied, "To me, every day of knowing you is special."

Ning Xi was speechless. Okay, my king! You win this time!

All the good food the devil had prepared was lip-smackingly good. Ning Xi touched her round tummy consciously. She had shamelessly ate a lot!

After eating, Ning Xi hugged the blanket by the fireplace while lazily snuggling up in Lu Tingxiao's embrace. As she recalled the things that happened earlier that day, she could not help but exclaim, "Lu Tingxiao, I suddenly realised I have many romantic rivals! Zhuang Keer just left and now there was another, Guan Ziyao..."

Lu Tingxiao looked at her plainly and said, "More rivals than I do?"

These three words, how ruthless of him!

"What!? Nonsense! How do you have many romantic rivals?!" Ning Xi vehemently denied.

"Do you want me to count them out for you?" The scariest thing was that he not only had to be wary of men; he had to be wary of women too.

"Cough, no need for that..." Okay, okay! She would not dare to complain that she had many romantic rivals anymore!

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