Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 769

Lu Jingli contemplated her in disbelief. "What did you say???"

"Help me hook up with a girl!" Ning Xi repeated herself.

"Bro, Sister-in-law is interested in a girl! And she even wanted me to hook her up with one. Bro, come quickly!" the protective Lu Jingli immediately shouted to the garden next door.

Ning Xi's eyes flew wide open. "Damn it! Lu Jingli, what are you shouting for?! Since when did I ask you to hook me up with girls?"

"You just said so yourself!" Lu Jiingli got fired up at her sense of righteousness.

"My...my God! I'm saying that I want you to help me hook up...pfft, wait no, I mean that you..."

Lu Jingli ran as fast as an arrow towards the fence and shouted, "Bro, bro, bro, she's hooking up with girls behind your back again. This time, she even asked me to help her! Obviously, I rejected her and I came to report to you right away!"

Ning Xi was speechless. Why don't you just evaporate!?

At last, Ning Xi had no choice but to explain the whole situation. She turned to shoot a look at Lu Jingli. "How does your freaking brain's thought process go? For you to understand things in such a way?"

"Can you blame me? It was only because you have too many past records that I naturally misunderstood!" Lu Jingli mumbled.

"Yan Junhao?" Lu Tingxiao looked thoughtful.

"Yeah, his family background, looks, and figure are all good. That girl will definitely not let go after hooking up with such a stellar man. A normal person would be of no use to hook up with. I wanted to put on my male disguise to take action myself, but I lack the identity and the reputation. Besides, that woman is very alert, so she definitely would be wary of such a thing. I think only with Lu Jingli's help, the plan will be flawless!" Ning Xi analyzed.

"Hah, I'll say, you have a good eye! With me making the move, of course, the plan will be flawless! But why would I sacrifice my body to help you? You're putting me at a disadvantage here."

"Who's asking you to sacrifice your body? I've written the script for you and I guarantee that she would not touch you at all."

Lu Jingli looked suspicious, "How could that be? Is that woman so stupid? She would get hooked on without a single benefit?"

"That would depend on whether the bait is tempting enough or not!" Ning Xi stroked her chin and looked cunningly at Lu Jingli.

Lu Jingli felt like he was being stared at as though he was a fat piece of meat on the chopping board. "Then, how do I benefit after succeeding?"

"We're all family. Do you still need incentives? Right, Big Boss?" Ning Xi went over the fence to squeeze Lu Tingxiao's arm.

Lu Tingxiao replied, "Mmm." One family.

Lu Jingli instantly looked wronged. "Hey! You're too shameless! Bro, how can you just watch her sell me off?"

"Aiyo, don't worry, I'll get your brother to close his eyes!"

Lu Jingli had no words left to say.

As she watched Lu Jingli's miserable expression, Ning Xi patted him on the shoulders. "Okay, okay, how could I not give you an incentive? As long as you help me get this done beautifully, I will prepare a feast for you!"

"Really? Don't lie to me!"

"Why would I lie to you? Your brother's here as a witness!"

At last, Lu Tingxiao said with a poker face, "One dish of pork ribs with glutinous rice." A feast would be too tiring.

"Hey! Am I only worth one serving of pork ribs with glutinous rice?"

"Enough. You help me settle this. When I reach the peak of my life and I marry your brother, become your sister-in-law, I will still cook you anything you want to eat next time!

"Something's not right here..."

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