Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 770

That Saturday, while Tang Lang was teaching Little Treasure Kung Fu, Ning Xi was teaching Lu Jingli how to pick up girls.

In the evening, Lu Tingxiao called her to the garden.

"Big Boss, what's up?" She observed the way Lu Tingxiao looked. It seemed like he had something to say to her.

"Mmm, I have dinner plans tomorrow night. I can't accompany you guys."

"Oh, no worries, you go ahead with that. Coincidentally, I have to bring Lu Jingli out to execute the plans!"

"It's with the Guan family," Lu Tingxiao reported.

When Ning Xi heard this, her eyebrows raised. "Ahh, it seems like your parents have thought of the same thing as I did?"

She had looked for Lu Jingli to pick up a girl, while they had been looking for a girl to hook up with Lu Tingxiao...

Without a doubt, her relationship with Lu Tingxiao had been found out, so they definitely would have any backup plan...

To be honest, she herself had never thought that she would progress so far with Lu Tingxiao. There would definitely be many things they have to face in the future, but she never regretted it one bit.

"Ning Xi, do you trust me?" Lu Tingxiao looked at her earnestly.

Ning Xi didn't reply. She just tiptoed and kissed him and on the lips.


On Sunday, at a certain high-end Western restaurant in Imperial.

Ning Xi and Lu Jingli had chosen a corner to sit.

"The one who's playing the piano is Yang Shirou. She originally worked at the bar, but her current job was probably scouted by Yan Junhao..." Ning Xi pointed at the girl who was playing the piano and outlined the situation to Lu Jingli as they watched her.

Yang Shirou wore a white dress and had soft, jet black hair that reached her waist. One look at her gave off the vintage yet fresh and gentle aura, the type that could really easily invoke a man's urge to protect her.

Lu Jingli watched Ning Xi stare at the girl intently and immediately looked annoyed. He reached out to block her sight. "Hey, hey, hey, are you done looking?! You already have my brother but you're still staring at other girls. This is too much!"

Ning Xi swatted his hand away and continued to look, "I'm just observing the enemy here!"

Lu Jingli looked angry. "Who would believe you?! Your eyes are about to fall out! All you shallow asshole men!"

Ning Xi's mouth twitched in amusement. "Hey, don't you think there's something wrong with what you just said?"

Lu Jingli then blinked. It did seem like something was not right...

Ning Xi held her chin and looked at him thoughtfully. "Lu Jingli, let's get serious now. Forget the rest of it. Just based on her appearance, this girl does seem like she would attract men! Don't you feel anything at all?"

Lu Jingli scoffed condescendingly. "No! That's not the type that I like!"

Ning Xi instantly raised her brows, "Oh, you have a certain type? Based on what I know, you have only started to be single recently. You dated numerous hot girls, thin and fat, without any particular type?"

Lu Jingli's expression had darkened now. "Of course, I have a type! Don't make it sound as if I don't pick and choose at all. I'm very picky, I'm telling you! I really like those open-minded, extraordinary, flawlessly beautiful, light as a bird, elegantly unpredictable, few in words yet fragrant in aura, graceful as a swan, and pretty much supernatural girls!

"Ha ha..." Ning Xi rolled her eyes and waved. "You should just stay single forever!"

This guy's selection criteria for a partner was too much!

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