Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 772

Lu Jingli pouted. "You're really going all in. Have you never thought of what to do if you fail?"

Ning Xi shrugged and said nonchalantly, "What can I do then? I'll just beat you up to release my anger."

"Hey! You just said that I was your beloved brother-in-law and wouldn't torture me!"

The two of them continued to chat for a while when Lu Jingli suddenly got startled again as he counted on his fingers. "Dead! Dead, dead, dead!"

"Why're you dead?" Ning Xi watched him in confusion.

"Today is the seventh day of you dating my brother! The seventh day, isn't it!?" Lu Jingli looked like the apocalypse was dawning on them.

"Yeah, what's up with that?" Ning Xi was still confused.

Lu Jingli put down the drumstick in his hand and said, "Xiao Xi Xi...I...I don't want your feast, or your glutinous rice with pork ribs anymore. Can you not break up with my brother? My brother really likes you!"

Ning Xi was dumbfounded by this. "What? You've only drank a few sips of beer. Are you drunk already? Since when did I say I want to break up with your brother?"

Lu Jingli looked like he wanted to cry. "But, it's already the seventh day! All the guys you've dated before this have never lasted beyond the seventh day, have they?"

Ning Xi was speechless. No wonder Lu Tingxiao had suddenly celebrated that random fifth day thing. No wonder she always felt like something was odd about Lu Tingxiao...

This dude wouldn't be taking this thought to heart, would he?

She was thoroughly at a loss for words...

A certain six-star hotel in Imperial.

"Aiya, Guan, my brother, long time no see!" Lu Chongshan passionately went up to shake the man's hand.

Guan Rui was also all smiles and he laughed, "Bro Lu, we haven't seen each other for so many years. You haven't changed much, still as young as ever! One look and I know you haven't been worrying!"

"Nah, both of our sons are worth worrying about, they are not as considerate as your daughter!" Yan Ruyi said as she playfully nudged Guan Ziyao's arm and looked delighted. "Your girl, Ziyao, is becoming prettier!"

After the two families greeted, they sat down at the dinner table.

"Didn't Zihao return this time?"

"No, after sending us home, he immediately rushed back. He can't leave the company over there!"

"It's a good thing Ziyao is accompanying you both!"


"This girl, she's amazing! I heard she just got an MBA? Such a young girl, yet she's already so advanced! Not easy at all!" Yan Ruyi could not stop singing praises.

While the parents were chatting, Guan Ziyao and Lu Tingxiao's were happily catching up too.

"Tingxiao, do you remember Gao Zhuo? Our high school friend who was the student council president." Guan Ziyao casually started a topic. Despite being distant for seven whole years, they shared countless memories together; those were things that could not be erased.


"Before this, Gao Zhuo invested in tech stocks. At last, he lost everything," said Guan Ziyao with a sigh.

"Even though it's the technology generation, the depth of defence of many tech companies is limited, so it would be too hard to determine the final victor early. It's very hard to value their shares logically."

"There are indeed risks. Additionally, there are two more types, the companies which need too much funds but have little potential for profit, and companies that are too young. Usually, I wouldn't dare to get involved."

"There are also exceptions."

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