Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 774

Lu Tingxiao looked helplessly into her eyes as he touched her little corrupted head. "I'm leaving."

Ning Xi was dumbfounded. "Ah? You're leaving just like that?" Had he especially rushed over just to say these few sentences?


Ning Xi's eyebrow raised in question. "Really leaving? You sure? Aren't you afraid that when you wake up tomorrow morning, I'll break up with you? It's the seventh day! One week already! Break up doomsday!"

When he heard this, Lu Tingxiao's back instantly stiffened...

Upon seeing Lu Tingxiao's reaction, Ning Xi held her forehead and did not know what to say, "Sigh, what should I say? Big Boss, you have such a high IQ, why do you believe Lu Jingli's nonsense?! I already said, you're special..."

Lu Tingxiao paused mid-step. "Which part of me is special?"

"All of you is special!" Ning Xi said.

Lu Tingxiao fixed his eyes on her and suddenly asked, "Even more special than the person you liked before?"

"Huh?" Ning Xi was stunned.

Aren't you the person that I have always liked?

Just as she was about to blurt that out, she suddenly realized that the person Lu Tingxiao was referring to...was that dude?

When she thought about this, Ning Xi suddenly shuddered and had goosebumps. "It's already so late at night. Can we not mention that guy?"

This creepy panic bubbling up...

She had finally gotten rid of living under his shadow...

Lu Tingxiao's eyes dimmed and the arm he hugged her with tightened a little. "Okay."

"The person I like right now, right this moment is you. You're not allowed to think nonsensical stuff. Stay tonight, so that when you wake up first thing tomorrow morning, we can celebrate our eighth day!" Ning Xi suggested happily.


As they lay in bed at night, Ning Xi could not fall asleep. She got up and leaned on her elbow to look at him. "Lu Tingxiao, 'The World' will be released in a few more days in Imperial. Will you go watch it?"

"I won't."

Ning Xi immediately straightened up a little. "Ah! Why?"

Lu Tingxiao looked at her, then covered her with the blanket and did not say anything.

Ning Xi looked disappointed as she spoke sadly to her fingers, "This is my first acting stint in a movie. In fact, it's the first one after I was picked by you to come over, the boss himself, so it's very meaningful. I still want to show you how awesome my performance was. Why don't you want to watch it?"

She felt like a child who had scored 100 points but her dad was unwilling to look at her test paper.

"Because I might not hold myself back from getting it all off the screens," Lu Tingxiao said, shooting her a side look.


In the next second, Ning Xi suddenly understood.

Could it be because she was acting as a couple with Jiang Muye in the movie?

But hadn't all the bed scenes and kissing scenes already been edited out and succinctly implied instead? The only one that made the cut was the first kiss and that had been done with a mask in between them...

Even that couldn't do? Get it all off screens, how scary!

"Big Boss! Please don't watch it!" Ning Xi changed her mind.

They had been together for a quite a while, so Ning Xi did understand his feelings a little. Lu Tingxiao was not as harmless as he looked. On the contrary, he was someone fearfully possessive.

The fact that today he didn't break her legs and chain her to the bed, letting her run around outside instead, and that he simply wouldn't watch her movie knowing he would get jealous, it was already the epitome of true love.

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